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Secret Santa Story!

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Holiday Time

For the character of
Isay Miranda Zarae
16years old
Merry Christmas from MissAbbieHudson :D

Miranda stood, outside of the boys’ hotel room door, tapping her foot impatiently.

“Michael James Way! Hurry up or I swear to god I’ll-“

The door swung open and Mikey stood there with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Or you’ll what? What would you to do me Miranda?”

“I’ll leave that for you to think about during your ‘Mikey time’. Now hurry up or there won’t be any sun loungers left!”

“Whatever, you know I don’t like going to the pool.”

“Well, I do and you love me so suck it up and deal!”

“Can’t we go down to the beach? Pleasepleasepleaseplea-”

“Won’t everyone else wonder where we’ve gone?”

You see: Frank, Jamia, Mikey and Miranda had just finished school so they decided to go on holiday to a lovely English town; Devon (!). Unfortunately, or not, their parents said that Mikey’s older brother, Gerard, had to tag along... well, Gerard wouldn’t go unless his best mate, Ray, could go, oh and Gerard’s friend (who he was desperately crushing on) , Lyn-z, had to come along as well, and because everyone else was bringing someone, Ray brought along his girlfriend, Christa. To say it had escalated quickly would be an understatement.

“Balls to ‘em, I’ll text Gerard. And anyway, we’ll be together and the beach is LITERALLY over the road!”

“Okay, but you can face the wrath of Frank…”

“Don’t worry: Frank is wrapped around my little finger!”

“Okay, if he didn’t have a girlfriend, I would really consider you two to be a gay couple!”

“… You think I’m GAY?!”

Mikey thrusted his hand onto his hip and put his finger out in front of him.


Miranda burst out laughing; she laughed so much she ended up lying down on the floor tears running down her face. Whilst she was temporarily distracted Mikey texted Gerard.

-Going to the beach with Miranda, see you later! M-
[/-Dude, are you FINALLY going to ask her out? xoxoG-

[/-I’ll ask Miranda when you finally get the balls to ask Lyn M-

[/-So that’s a yes for you then, I just asked Lyn, she said yes! xD xoxoG-

[/-Woah, congrats dude! Suppose it’s time for me to grow a pair then :3 M-

[/-Yes, yes it is. Now go get her! xoxoG-

Mikey grabbed his towel whilst mentally preparing himself. How would he ask her? When would he ask her? On the way there? On the way back? Never…? No! He HAD to do this, if Gerard could tell the girl, he’s been obsessing over for years, that he likes her then Mikey could tell Miranda, his best friend, that he loves her.

Just how?

Miranda had recovered by now and stood up, but not before she had received a weird look from a bell-boy. As she straightened out her dress Mikey re-appeared with his towel. They began walking down the corridor towards the lifts.

“It’s all cool. I’ve texted Gerard to let him know where we’re going. Guess what?!”


“Gee and Lyn-Z are going out!”

“About bloody time! She was always going on about how much she loved him and she would trail off
conversation and stare every time he walked past!”

“Haha, that’s so funny! Gee was EXACTLY the same. You couldn’t get a coherent word out of him anytime she was near! It’s a mystery how he passed Drama with her in his class.”

They high-fived, laughed and shared stories about their best friends until they reached the beach.

“I’m just gonna sit and read a book if you want to leave your stuff over here?”

“Aww, Mikey! Why don’t you join me?”

Miranda pouted at him in a lame attempt to change his mind, but Mikey is stubborn, to say the least!

“Naah, I’d rather just sit here and watch you enjoy yourself… OH MY GOD THAT CAME OUT CREEPY!”


Once again Miranda began a laughing fit. Mikey loved the sound of her laugh, so as embarrassed as he was he didn’t mind.

“Just go and have fun!”

“What? So you can watch me?”

Miranda winked at him then jogged to the water. Mikey watched her for a moment until she disappeared into the water; Miranda was a good swimmer as she used to be on the swim team until they finished school.

Mikey sat there, pretending to read a book whilst he contemplated how he was going to do this. Should he just ask her on a date then ask her to be his girlfriend? Should he ask her to be his girlfriend now? Could he even form a sentence to be able to do that?

Well, now was the time to answer all of his questions as Miranda ran up to him to collect her towel, her short black hair splashing Mikey with water as she shook her head over him.

“Thanks for the shower Miranda.”

“No problem Mikey, you needed it!”

“Aren’t you just hilarious?”

“You know it! But seriously, I thought you’d been possessed or something!”

“Nope, just in deep thought…”

Miranda put her towel down and lay next to him.

“I love thinking, what were you pondering Mikey-boy?”

“Umm… Well, I like this girl, and… Fuck, kay, I’m lame… I REALLY like you Isay Miranda Zarae,
will you be my girlfriend?”

Miranda hit him.

“Ow! I take that as a no…?”

“You numpty, it’s a yes! But you took your bloody time! I’ve liked you since the moment I met you!”


She hit him again.

“Okay okay, ow, you hit hard!”

“Sorry, not sorry!”

Miranda winked at him again and leaned in to kiss him. Mikey shut his eyes and waited – he jumped though when some water was thrown in his face. He heard Miranda giggle and begin to run off down the beach.

“Oh, it’s so on!”

Mikey ran after her and carried on chasing her until he finally reached her, picked her up and took her down to the water.

“Do you apologise?”


She was still a giggling mess and Mikey was too now. The cold water of the sea washed over his feet as he began to walk into the water. When he was knee-deep he leaned down and whispered into her ear:

“I love you, but that’s just going to make this all the more funny.”

“What do you me-“

Miranda was cut-off when Mikey threw her into the ice-cold water.

“You’ll pay for that Mikey Way! By the way, I love you too!”

Mikey ducked down onto his knees to face her then planted a kiss on her lips.

The End

Merry Christmas Mirazal! Let me know about any mistakes :D xoxoxoA
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