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But mamma I'm in love with a criminal And this type of love isn't rational, it's physical Mamma please don't cry, I will be alright All reason aside I just can't deny, love the guy

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A contented sigh, a nuzzle into sweet-smelling hair with a soft kiss to top it off, a smile lit the singer’s mouth as the man in his arms stirred, one crystal blue eye, darkened by sleep, cracked open to peer upward “Why are you staring at me?” DJ mumbled closing his eye again and nestling closer to the singer; shivering in the early morning chill.
“I like staring at you, you’re a nice sight” Axl told him quietly, DJ snorted softly guessing by the silence that no one else was awake
“Nowhere near as nice as you” he replied sitting up and leaning against the headboard as Axl just raised an eyebrow and muttered
“You shouldn’t be driving with eyes that bad” DJ frowned moving into the singer’s lap and reaching out to cup Axl’s face; pulling the singer closer just enough for him to lean forward and press his lips gently against the other’s, pleased when Axl responded instantly, fingers sliding into the pillow-flattened hair at the back of his head fluffing it up slightly before DJ pulled away, resting his head in the crook of Axl’s neck as the singer’s hands slid down from his hair to rest on the small of his back murmuring “We’ve been together for a year”
“Oh yeh… I forgot about that” DJ answered softly with a grin as Axl shook his head in amusement “You wanna do anything special?” he offered fingers trailing his chest suggestively, Axl glanced down at his hand before looking up again.

“Is this your way of saying you’re ready to sleep with me?” DJ nodded, ignoring the rise of nerves but not trusting his voice; deep emeralds searched his face for a long moment, looking for something, for what, the guitarist wasn’t sure but whatever it was obviously wasn’t found as Axl tilted his chin down slightly and sealed his lips over DJ’s tenderly watching as the younger’s crystals sank shut; feeling slightly chapped full lips move against his own gently; heard the soft sigh as his tongue was welcomed into DJ’s mouth, the other’s muscle greeting his own shyly; saw pink tinge the guitarist’s cheeks as his hands slid lower.


A small squeak escaped their kiss and the blush on DJ’s face darkened as Axl broke their connection, minimizing the loss with quick soft pecks his eyes open once more to connect with the singer’s as Axl moved them around on the bed, shifting to lay DJ back in the sheets pausing to admire him with kiss red lips standing out against the receding pink on his cheeks which returned as Axl’s fingers rested on his hip, thumb hooked under his loose pyjama trousers “Are you sure you wanna do this?” a hushed question to reaffirm, calm Axl’s worries as DJ whispered yes lifting his hips to help the singer slide his trousers off leaving him with nothing to hide behind.

The inexplicable urge to cover himself rose as Axl sat back on his haunches and gazed at him with what seemed to be reverence in his eyes “What are you looking at?” DJ murmured, voice meek shivering with pleasure as Axl danced his fingers up his guitarist’s side as he answered simply
“You” before leaning down to press a kiss to DJ’s hip distracting the other easily as DJ’s hands moved to thread themselves into the singer’s silken locks trying to guide him closer which Axl resisted with a giggle choosing instead to rise up and press butterfly kisses over his jaw instead as DJ groaned in displeasure roughly tugging the singer’s shirt off and pulling him into a hard kiss, nipping at his lip as Axl just laughed against his mouth, the sound spurred DJ to roll them over and straddle him once more enjoying the breathless daze he left Axl in when he pulled away
“How are we doing this?” he asked quietly, Axl ‘hmm’-ed for a moment before seeming to gather his thoughts and reaching over to tug the bedside drawer open and hand a tube of lube to the other murmuring
“However you want, I’m easy either way”

DJ nodded and leaned down to kiss him once more asking into his lips if he could top, climbing off so the singer could slid his boxer off and spread his legs in welcome “What do I do?”
“You done this with a chick yeh?” the younger nodded, trying to keep his hands from shaking as Axl shifted on the bed getting comfy before finishing “It’s the same” DJ nodded again and moved up to occupy the singer’s mouth, an innocent kiss that turned quickly filthy; the guitarist loving the small gasp that escaped his partner when his slicked up index slid into him fairly smoothly followed by his middle based on how quickly the singer relaxed. His breathing had sped up and limbs were shaking as he gazed at Axl’s flushed face and parted lips loving the stutter in his breath as he wriggled his fingers, a grin stretching his lips as he pulled his hand back slightly before pushing back in drawing forth a moan as he pressed deeper; tight warmth hugging his digits as he encountered, after fruitless efforts, the small bundle of nerves he’d been looking for, enjoying the sight of Axl’s back arcing from the mattress, a choked whine leaving his lips as DJ rubbed it mercilessly.

“Who was your first time with?” emerald eyes opened, clouded with lust but still managing to ask him silently are you seriously getting jealous now of all times? And he nodded pulling his fingers out, preening with pleasure as Axl grumbled slightly at the loss before wrapping his legs around his waist as DJ positioned himself and slowly began to push forward “Who was it?”
“W…With a guy?” Axl managed, heels digging into the small of DJ’s back; urging him forward as the guitarist shrugged “Lauren. And Tracii” he gasped out as DJ leant down and applied soft lips contrasted with sharp teeth to his neck
“Not Izzy?” DJ mumbled against his neck a moan leaving him as their hips finally met and he idly wondered what they would look like if anyone walked in; him sank balls deep into the trembling wanton singer beneath him.

“Why does everyone think I’ve had sex with Izzy? I haven’t fucked everyone I’ve hung out with” Axl huffed, annoyance creeping into his tone as DJ smirked
“Cause you look like you have” he answered as he pulled his hips back and thrust forward again
“We haven’t. Done other shit but not… sex” Axl grunted, voice trembling and a soft cry leaving his throat as DJ bit the other side of his neck rather harshly
“How old were you?”
“With Izzy?”
“No; with Tracii” the guitarist prided himself on being able to keep his voice steady as he seemed to perfect a rhythm that had the singer whimpered and moving to meet his thrusts, slide almost all the way out and back in with a hard thrust to those nerves, hand stoking in time to his hips
“I was…” Axl stopped, moan breaking his sentence as DJ squeezed his dick just on the right side of painful “18” he finished breathily, emeralds hidden from DJ’s smouldering gaze.

“Who else have you slept with?”
“I…” a particularly hard thrust as the younger picked up pace “Fuck I don’t know!”
“Who have you slept with in the band?” Axl moaned, part annoyance, part pleasure as DJ’s teeth found his nipple ring again
“Anyone else?”
“Anyone else?”
“N… nghh…No”
“Have you wanted to?” DJ murmured, voice a molten silk but with a simmering jealousy charring the edges of it
“Y… you and that’s it” Axl gasped, hands gripping DJ’s forearms uselessly as the younger pounded into him, silent for the time being save the hissed curses and small moans.

“Did you have sex with Slash when you saw me and Myles?” a sudden question punctured the atmosphere bringing a sigh from Axl and his eyes met DJ’s again, silently begging him not to ask all this now, the guitarist just watched him quietly until he turned his face away and muttered
“What was that?”
“Yes” he repeated louder, choking on his words DJ changed his angle slightly “I was hurt… an… he was there”
“Well if you hadn’t run off I would have been there” DJ hissed, anger creeping in now, jealous that Slash had put his paws over his lover again. Over his Axl. The singer jerked under his touch a small pained hiss leaving his mouth at the pace and firmness of DJ’s strokes as jealousy spurred him to handle the singer less delicately, unknowingly turning their coupling into something Axl was more used to.

“I was hurt” Axl repeated, fingers biting into the younger’s arms now even as DJ turned his face towards him again and crushed their mouths together completely dominating the kiss; this jealousy of his turning his normally sweet personality into someone darker and forceful, teeth biting unforgivingly into Axl’s lower lip as they simultaneously reached climax, cries lost into one another’s mouths. DJ relaxed and let his body drop from hovering above the singer to resting most of his body but propped up on his elbows to remain slightly higher than Axl, resting his sweat sticky forehead against the singer’s as their heartbeats began to slow, Axl’s fingers relaxed their grip before slowly sliding up to rest against his biceps “And you’ve never done that before?” he murmured once he was sure his voice was strong enough to speak without trembling or being broken up by breathlessness.

DJ smirked “No” Axl’s right hand fingers trailed his lips lightly before he smiled
“Well you were damn good” DJ grinned, jealousy edging out his body with the post-coital bliss
“I aim to please” he murmured softly parting from the singer properly, small groans leaving the both of them as DJ’s softened prick slipped free of him before Axl sat up
“Well” he remarked softly “It seems even you have a hidden side” DJ raised his eyebrow gently before sitting up and pressing a kiss to Axl’s injured lip
“I guess so… I didn’t hurt you did I?” Axl laughed softly, murmured a quiet negative and pressed their lips back together properly, twisting his body as he swung his legs off the bed “Where you going?” the younger pouted as Axl stood and stretched his body lengthily before saying over his shoulder
“Shower. Wanna join me?” DJ smirked but followed his lover into the bathroom.
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