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Not That Swimsuit

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I can hardly breath when he scratches his hip pushing the fabric higher up baring his milk chocolate flesh. Yeah, he’s practically naked. I want to be those shorts!

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The afternoon sun’s rays fall on my skin, hot and poignant. Dipping a single finger into the lukewarm water I smirk lazily. This is the life. Finally this is the way we’re supposed to be living. The screen door slides open as a familiar voice glides across the thick airwaves.

My eyes dressed in shades shoot over to Slash just as Duff trots over to hug him. You’re blocking my view asshole! Yeah. Oh yeah that’s Slash. The dark haired man grins as he kicks of his sneakers. Duff gesticulates and Slash is cracking up at the joke. I can’t hear Duff. I only hear Slash. The laugh that escapes his lips is musical. He’s tugging his white t-shirt over his head exposing his lean chest.

He bends over picking up a beer from the cooler the thin red material of his shorts rise up baring his perfectly rounded ass. He just had to wear those short shorts. Of course he did it just to annoy the hell out of me. I can hardly breath when he scratches his hip pushing the fabric higher up baring his milk chocolate flesh. Yeah, he’s practically naked. I want to be those shorts!

“Diver Axl, diver! Dive! Dive!” Steven yells pushing me into the pool.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” I scream at the laughing idiot. I quickly pull myself out and slug him in the jaw.

“Ow!” Steven falls on his ass. His face contorts to an uncommon glare. Like I care I’m pissed off.

“Guys can you not fight for one day?” Izzy pleads rolling his eyes.

Steven is already lunging at me. I grab his shoulders trying to throw him into the pool instead.

“Damn it Steven!” I yell as we both go in. He grabbed my hair at the last minute taking us both down. Surfacing we lunge at each other again punching and kicking.

“Come on kids out of the pool! Hey!” Duff says exasperated. He hurls a beer can at us stilling our movements. “At least let Izzy get out.”

“I’m fine.” Izzy says drawing him self onto the pool ledge. He swings his legs up as Duff helps tug him to his feet. I didn’t even realize we took him with us. “Vodka shots?”

“Definitely.” Duff smiles and completely forgets about us.

“Hey wait for me!” Steven sulks as he leaps out of the water chasing after the other two alchies.

Adler I’m going to…Slash! My thoughts snap back to what I really want. I watch Slash ease himself onto a reclining lawn chair. He sips his beer as he rests his head on his arm smiling into the sun.

“Why are you laying over there?” I ask propping myself on my elbows against the pool’s edge.

“It’s comfortable.”

“You should lay here.” I point to the edge of the pool. He frowns.

“So you can deck me like you did Steven?”

“No, because the concrete’s warm and you can dip your hand in the water if you need to cool off.” I reason, but he still looks skeptical. “Come on I’m going to get it out sooner or later.”

“What?” His body tenses.

“What!” I snap before realizing what I said. Oh shit.

“What are you going to get out?”

“I’m going to get out of the pool. What the fuck ever.” I roll my eyes. Just get over here already! “Fine I’ll swim on the other side if it makes you feel better.” Pushing away from the side I swim to the middle of the pool where I kick my legs more vigorously to keep a float.

Slash swings his legs over the lawn chair scratching his smooth melted chocolate chest. It’s darker from the sun. Even though I’m not a girl my craving for chocolate is back in full murderous swing. Rising slowly he shuffles over to the spot I had indicated for him. He looks at me. I roll my eyes and pretend to be more interested in swimming. Satisfied he bends down lying on his back. His dark curls fall back illuminating his gorgeous, strong profile. Mm, that’s a treat.

Silently I glide through the water my eyes never leaving him as I watch his chest rise and fall. His entire body relaxes melting into the concrete. He’s dozing or maybe it’s just alcohol haze. I don’t know. Don’t care.

“What are you doing?” Slash mumbles softly as my hand caresses his shorts with my fingertips.

“Shh, you’re going to like this.” I breathe as my fingers continue to draw small circles around his navel. He shifts slightly, but doesn’t totally move away.

“You can stop you know.” Slash is awake.

“You wouldn’t want me to.” I tease dragging my knuckles over his flanks. He wiggles slightly as I squeeze his protruding hipbone. Rolling onto his side he looks at me.

“Axl what…” I throw my arms around his neck pinning him to my lips that assault his mouth. He jerks back, but my body anchors him to the pool’s edge. I continue to explore his plush lips and twine my fists into his unruly curls. He doesn’t fight me, but doesn’t kiss back, yet.

I pull away letting him pant against my reddened lips. A strong arm comes around my shoulders pulling me upwards. I bite his sunglasses tugging them off his nose and letting them drop into the water.

“Hey what the hell’s with that?” He pouts. I smirk nipping his bottom lip.

“I wanted to see your eyes, baby.” I kiss his cheek.

Now there is no resistance. He takes my wet hair in both hands scratching it away, exposing my neck. His long pink tongue curls against my skin in long fluid strokes lapping away the water, leaving his own wet trail. I moan softly as he kisses the hollow of my neck right above my collarbone. He grins against my skin sucking it harder. He pulls my shades off my nose and onto his.

“Hey.” I scrunch my nose. He kisses it, laughing.

“So the sun doesn’t get in my eyes.”

“You’re looking down.” I point out. His grin widens pushing my head under water. Bubbles escape my mouth as I try to yell in frustration. Submerging my eyes meet his enticing, firm legs dangling in the water. Propping himself back on an elbow, a sultry smile spreads over his face as his hand lies leisurely against his groin.

“These shorts must have been killing you all day.” His thumb gently rubs the top of his waistband disappearing under the material for a second of two. “Do you like the color? I thought of you when I picked them out.” He purses his lips. “Red, hot, and bothered.”

I glare at him as I swim over lashing out to clutch his ankles preventing him from leaving. He doesn’t flinch, just smirks lazily. He’s teasing me.

“You going to do something or just stare at me?”

I grumble, rising out of the water stretching over his reclined body. His belly quivers as the cool drops of water slid off my torso and onto his sun kissed skin. It’s my turn to leer as I hover over him. He licks his lips running a finger down my sternum. Groaning I arch my back pressing into his groin as my lips part, moaning. He purrs pushing back into my body.

My finger dips beneath his waistband pulling the red cloth down licking the slightly creamier cocoa skin. Running my tongue along the line where his thigh and torso meet I kiss his pubic bone burying my nose in the nest of hidden black curls. I inhale his musky scent as I tug the fabric lower. His chest expands and contracts with sharp breaths as a firm hand cups my shoulder digging into it.

I feel his muscular arms enclose my shoulders helping me balance as I rip those damn teasing shorts in half. I leer at my victory over the article of clothing and behold his enlarged cock. Encircling his waist with one arm, I begin to play. Slipping his cock between my thumb and forefinger I tickle his pelvis while stroking the underside slowly with the pad of my thumb.

He gasps frantically for air, thrusting into my heated touch. I squeeze the base of his cock slowly running my hand up and down his shaft as it begins to leak pre cum. In between the catlike laps of my tongue I kiss the head. He moans biting his lips vehemently trying to savor my touch, but his ass tightens and clenches against my forearm. That’s all the encouragement I need as I take the head in my mouth swirling my tongue around it.

“Mm yes, suck me Axl. Just like…that, oh that’s…” His pleasured groans trail off as his body shudders. My hand continues to squeeze the base as my mouth engulfs all of him. My teasing fingers roll his balls squeezing gently and raking my fingers under his cock making him whimper.

“Please Axl, yes, yes, please!” He fists my hair as he cries out. His breath hitches as his chest arches only to slam back as he grinds into my mouth. My mouth and hand pump him hard. His chest shakes as I drain him of his cum.

I lick my lips slowly, enjoying the taste of him. He pinches my arm urging me out of the water and onto his roasting skin. His flaccid cock presses into my belly and I can’t help but to grind against it. I nuzzle my face into his hair. He kisses my ear as he continues to fight for air, chest rising and falling into my own.

“You owe me a new pair of shorts.” He chides drawing circles over the small of my back.

“Like hell I do. Just go naked all the time. I’m just going to tear them off anyway.” He laughs as we kiss in the hot afternoon sun.

Note: Been writing a couple of one shots. Two of which are in the Motley Crue section. Hope you check them out and rate/review them. Here's a little Slaxl to ring in the new year. This video explains why I wrote the story the way I did. Watch this video around 2:55 and 4:18. :)
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