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Surprise, Surprise.

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"Put your fucking shirt on." Frank tells him.

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Chapter 10

Franks Pov:

I answer the phone and instantly hear loud music in the background.
“Hello?...Travis?” I ask.
“Holy fuck Frank, I thought you were coming to my gig?” He answers.
“Fuck it’s today? Fuck I’m so sorry, I’ll be there in about 10 minutes okay?”
“Fine, just please get here.”
What a greeeaaaaattt boyfriend you are dear Frank. Sincerely great, you forget your boyfriend’s concert and instead go on a date with some guy you just met, lovely.
Hey! He’s currently not my boyfriend!... we’re always off and on.
Fine, well he still counts as your boyfriend, you know next week you’ll be together again.
Maybe I don’t want to get back with him, ever thought of that genius?
“So you ganna tell me who Travis is or will I just never find out?” Gerard asks.
“Never find out?” I respond, he laughs but I honestly mean it, maybe he never has to meet Travis. “Listen I really have to go somewhere I promised to be, it had completely slipped my mind with going to your house and all…”
“Oh… okay. Well then I’ll see you tomorrow… I guess.” He said with a sad face.
But… him not meeting Travis an-
“You could come with me.” I blurted out.
“Really?” He asked hopefully.
“Yeah, I mean if you want to.”
This is going to be hell.

Gerard’s Pov:

We began walking, I was basically following Frank.
What if he leads you to an alley where he butt rapes you?
Why would he do that?
Who knows… you barely even know him, what if he’s a serial killer? Yeah… take that into consideration.
“Ugh shut up. Pleeeeaaaaase.”
“I didn’t say anything.” Frank says.
“Oh sorry, I was talking to myself… again.”
“Oh.” He simply says.
God this is awkward, maybe I just shouldn’t go.
But you wanted to.
You’re the one saying he’s gana butt rape me in an alley.
No I said that was a possibility.
Okay well now I’m starting to believe it.
Well now you’re scared little Frankie here will rape you, your welcome.
“I am terrified that you will butt rape me in an alley and leave me to die.” I blurt out.
He gives me a confused look and tilts his head a little.
“What? It could happen!” I argue.
“If I were a serial killer or a rapist… which I’m not.”
He starts giggling and continues to walk.
Sweet lord Gerard, your reaaaaaal attractive.
Thank you!
"So Travis?" I bring up again.
Frank frowns and opens his mouth then closes it a couple times.
"You'll meet him soon enough." He explains, well that's not really an explanation now is it?
I shrug and nod.

We walk in silence the rest of the way, when finally Frank points to a beaten down bar of some sorts where there are these weird looking dudes in "superhero" costumes, playing instruments.
We walk over and some guy sees Frank.
"Hey! Ms.The Baron von Tito!" He yells, "Trav! Your woman's here!"
Frank blushes immensely and smiles when he sees a guy with the same costume (some differences here and there) walking towards us, drumsticks in his hands.
"Frankie! I thought you wouldn't make it!" He hugs him tight then he looks at me, confusion on his face, I shift awkwardly.
"Travis this is Gerard, Gerard this is Travis." Frank says emotionlessly.
He stretches out his hand and shakes mine.
"I'm just gonna go... um get drinks, Gee want anything?" I shake my head, "Trav?" He shakes his head too. "Okay then..."
Great he's leaving me alone with this guy.
"So Gerard... Are you... Frank's new...?" He shuffles his weight on both legs.
It takes me a while to grip onto what he's asking. "Oh! Oh... No."
"Oh" he smiles wide. "Good- I mean, not good."
"What did you mean new?" I ask.
"he hasn't told you?" He looks at me questioningly.
"We met today so no..."
"Oh! Well I'm his on again off again boyfriend, the band usually gets too much and I have to focus on it but sometimes I can squeeze in a little time with Frankie..." He smiles stupidly at his shoes.
"Cool" I smile.
Frank reappears with a beer in his hand gulping it down like its the last thing to drink.
"Whoa!" Travis says taking it from him, "no. No beer for you."
"Bu-" frank complains.
"No. Remember last time?"
Frank gulps "Okay... but just this one?"
Travis drinks a bit himself and gives the rest to Frank.
"Yay!" He smiles and takes it from his hands.
Travis rolls his eyes "well shows about to start, see you afterwards." He waves a small goodbye and leaves.
"So that's why you didn't want to tell me about him?"
"He told you?"
"Well thing is I really like you and it's kind of a deal breaker if you say 'I'm in a relationship, kinda thing, with a guy who's six years older than me, who has an insane amount of tattoos, a mow hawk, and looks like he could beat the shot out of you' yeah that drives all the guys insane for me." He scoffs.
I laugh for a moment then I think back to what he said, "tattoos?"
"Oh yeah, you'll see them once they're done performing. Once he takes off that suit." He scrunches his nose.
He looks so nerdy and calm its kind if weird to imagine him with tattoos.
The band plays a couple songs and once their done Frank grabs my hand and drags me to the back of the stage. Travis pops out, shirtless, and wow holy fuck does he have a lot of tattoos.
He looks like a completely different person except for his eyes, the same bluish greenish from before.
"Put your fucking shirt on." Frank tells him.
"Yeah, I didn't bring one." He shrugs. "You know me, never wear a shirt to a gig."
Frank rolls his eyes and reaches for his backpack "See I knew there was a reason for me packing your Metallica tshirt in here."
He throws it at Travis who scoffs and puts it on.
"Thanks babe." He smiles and kisses Frank's cheek.
I stand there awkwardly for a while but hey who am I to say they don't make a ridiculously adorable couple.
Frank hits Travis in the stomach when he kisses him on the lips "motherfucker" he mumbles still smiling.
He looks over at me "Hey Trav would you mind giving us a ride?"
"Sure, but what do I get in return?"
"The satisfaction of knowing you did good."
"Bullshit! Do I get to keep both of you pixies?"
"Hey I'm not a pixie you overgrown canvas."
"Canvases don't grow Frank." He laughs.
"Well in my world they do okay?"
"Whatever you say."
We start walking towards the parking lot.
"Since when am I a pixie?" Frank asks.
"Since you started wearing tight jeans."
"Oi! You know you love em!"
Travis turns to look at me, " he used to be so badass, he had dreads, wore baggy shorts and baggy shirts."
"Shut up! God your fucking embarrassing me!"
Travis laughs "this was all like three weeks ago by the way. He even hides his tattoos now, oh and he was a ginger for six days."
"Fuck you Travis! Fuck you!" Frank stomps the rest of the way while Travis continues to tell me more about 'badass Frank'.
Okay so maybe I can see why Travis is a fucking cool dude.

WHOA HOLY SHIT I FINALLY UPDATED! Seriously im sorry i took long, hopefully this chapter makes it up.
I was going through a Blink phase, well more of a Travis phase when I wrote the last chapter so I didn't really know what to write for this chapter but in the end the phase came back and now i own a blink 182 tshirt, a cd and a bag so all is well. Hope you like the chapter! c:
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