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School Days

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Penina and Frank have some fun. *note added*

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This is the second chapter I promised you, Penina. I hope you enjoy it! :D

A bright light shone through the room and Penina could vaguely see it through her sleep. She pushed her self up and looked around. Where was she? Wait a minute. . . Frank. Frank's bedroom. She had slept over. She looked over to notice that Frank wasn't in the bed but by the sounds coming from the kitchen he was either jerking off or making breakfast. She rolled over and out of bed and stretched. The room was a bright white, with blue and white checkered furniture and light blue rugs. Penina looked in the mirror across from the bed. Damn. Her hair was spiked in different places and her lipstick was smudged, almost making her look like a clown. What a slu- "Penina!" Frank yelled upstairs.


"Breakfast is ready! Oh, and I left a couple clothes you might want to wear. I think my ex and you share the same size." Penina glanced at the dresser to see some articles of clothing spread neatly out.

"Okay." She padded over and saw what was laid out. What was this?! Fishnet tights, a short leather mini, and a low-cut tank top? She wasn't a prostitute! "Hey, uhm Frank? D'ya think you have some more form-fitting clothes? for me?" There was silence.

"Oh. I thought you might be better off wearing that, since, uhm. . . shit." he paused. "Wanna make her jealous?" Penina thought for a moment. That didn't sound so bad after all. Maybe with such a revealing outfit she might be able to get lucky afterwards.

"Nevermind!" she called. She slipped on the black fishnets and the blood red miniskirt and pulled on the tight lace tank top. Then she dug in her D & G purse and got out some ruby-red lipstick and swiped it across her lips. Penina put some smoky eyeliner on and got out some mascara to make her lashes even fuller than they were. She ran her fingers through her hair and puffed it up a bit. She put on Frank's ex's high heels and tip-toed downstairs. Frank's back was to her and he was busy making pancakes while humming the Macarena and shaking his hips to the tune. She giggled and he jumped.

"Shit! I was, er, dancing to some Motorhead. Not Katy Perry. Definitely not Katy Perry." he laughed nervously. Penina rolled her eyes and was just about to grab the bowl of grapes when the door rang. Both her and Frank jumped. He pecked her on the lips before walking over to the door and opening it. "Hel-Analee?" Penina walked into the living room to see a woman push Frank aside and step inside.

"I came to forgive yo- who is this?" Analee demanded angrily. She gave Penina a once-over with narrowed eyes. Analee had overly straightened black hair and heavily lined eyes. Her lips were painted bright pink and her breasts were almost overflowing her tiny Hooters shirt. "Frank what are you doing with this slag?" she shrieked. Penina took a step back.

Frank scowled and walked in front of Penina to protect her. "What are you doing here Ana? And that 'slag' is my girlfriend." Frank murmured. Analee smirked.

"I came back to get what was mine but obviously you're not worthy." she stomped over and sidestepped Frank to shove Penina. Penina screamed and tripped, falling.

"Don't you dare touch my girlfriend! Get the fuck out of here." Frank growled. He pushed Analee back.

"Oh fuck off, baby. You're such a fag." Analee hissed. Penina pulled herself off the floor and slapped the girl across the face. She shrieked. With that Penina shoved Analee out and slammed the door in her face. "You'll regret this, chavs!" came the muffled reply. A thump resounded on the door and a car squealed away.

Frank turned to Penina with a worried expression on his face. "You okay, babe?" He touched her cheek lightly.

"Yeah. . ." she muttered. He moved to hug her but tripped on his black high-tops and fell over on her. They hit the floor with a thud. Penina squeaked. "Wow, what is with you and falling on people?" she giggled. Frank blushed a bright red and moved to get up but managed to grab Penina's crotch. On 'accident'. Penina lightly hit him on the arm. "If you wanted to have sex, just tell me!"

Frank burst out laughing than covered his mouth quickly. "S-s-sorry. I'm just nervous is all. The last time I had sex was with Analee and as you can now see, it wasn't that fun." he mumbled. Penina gave him a sympathetic look.

"Frank. . . I want you to dominate me. Please." she whispered in his ear. His eyes lit up and he grabbed her hand. Frank pulled Penina up and dragged her into the bedroom.

"Are you sure about this? I can be rough."

"But that's what I want. I also want to make you happy."

Frank hesitated. He went to his closet and opened it up. Toys, of all colors and styles were neatly arranged on shelves. "Never got a chance to use these, but if you insist. . ." he winked. He ran over to his drawers and opened one up. "This drawer was purely for mine and Analee's fun but we only did it once and. . just put this on!" he smiled. He handed her an outfit and she hurried to the bathroom.

In her hands was a schoolgirl outfit. It had a small, tight-fitting blazer and a tiny white school shirt that exposed her breasts. The skirt was a plaid red and there were knee-high socks that accompanied it. When she put the skirt on she noticed it barely covered her ass. It just went to above it and showed off her lacy pink panties. Penina was already getting wet at the thought of Frank fucking her. She fixed her hair again and walked out. "PENINA DAYNE!" Penina jumped. "COME TO MY OFFICE IMMEDIATELY." What?

She walked back into the bedroom and gasped. Everything was rearranged and there was a small desk sitting in front of a bigger desk where Frank sat behind it. He was dressed in a headmaster's suit. What was going on? "Sit." he boomed. She obeyed.

"Now than. I heard from your maths teacher that you were disrupting the class and using foul language. Is that true?" He stood up and walked over to her. There was a switch in his hand. So they were roleplaying. Penina grinned deviously.

"Yes, master." she simpered. Frank frowned.

"Then I'll have to punish you. You've been a bad girl." he murmured the last part in her ear.

"I've been so naughty, sir." she giggled.

"Bend over the desk than." Penina could see that his cock was hardening by the sight of the tent in his pants. She could feel something herself getting even more wet and fidgeted to get rid of the feeling. As she bent over the desk, he pulled down her panties. Frank smoothed his hand over her pale white ass and slapped it lightly. She winced.

"Sir, please." she whimpered sexually.

She felt his hands roam down and cup her mound. She was practically dripping now. He massaged her pussy with one hand while pulling her shirt with the other. Than he pulled back and hit her ass with the switch. "Didn't hurt, Mr. Iero." she smirked. Than he dropped the switch and smacked her ass, harder. Penina yelped. "Master!" she shrieked. He spanked her again, five times more with her ass becoming redder and redder. It stung painfully and it felt like Frank was putting hot coals on her. He grabbed her hair.

"Say my name! Say it!" he demanded.

"OH FRANKIE! FRANKIE- I MEAN MASTER PLEASE!!" she screamed loudly.


Her pussy was moist in his hand. He let go and pulled down his pants to release his 'problem'. "Fuck."

"MASTER, FUCK ME, PLEASE!" Penina squealed. Frank yanked her waist towards his and entered her pussy roughly from the back. The sight of Penina splayed out on the desk turned him on so much. Her pert little aas was raised in the air and the globes of it were parted to reveal a shining wet pussy.

"I'mmona fuck you so hard, baby." He hissed. He slammed into her while his hands grabbed her breasts and twisted her nipples. She screamed in excitement and thrusted into him. He whirled her around so her could see her face. Penina was bright red and she was panting heavily. "Want me to pleasure your cunt?"


He pulled out of her and got on his knees. He twisted his head and stuck his tongue on her cunt. Frank twisted his tongue inside of her and explored. He wanted to eat her out. Milky pearls dropped on his face and he wiped it off and licked it.

"Frankie. Frankie! Fuck me again, I'm begging you!"

"Fuck Penina, you're so tight".

He thrusted in and out of her quickly. Beads of pre-cum dripped down his length and onto the floor.

"Shit! 'M so, so close." Frank panted.

"I'm gunna cum Frankie!" she moaned.

He slammed into her once more and thick ropes of cum shot out and into her. Cum rolled down her ass and Frank licked himself up. He took Penina in his arms. "I'm sorry we didn't use any of the toys." he panted in her ear.

"It's okay, babe. We have so much more time." she smiled.

As it turns out, Analee's car stalled at 120 miles an hour and it slammed into a tree, killing her. No one came to her funeral. Mia was able to break her brother out of the immigration camp without killing any of the guards and she got to eat the cupcakes, too. When Mia came home the house was a mess. The whole time she was gone Frank and Penina spent it trying his toys and learning new positions. Frank and Penina got married nine months later and soon they had a baby girl named Madison.

Welp. Penina. I worked hard on this. :3 I hope you liked it. If anyone else is reading this, please rate and review! :D I'M READY FO' MY ONESHOT, BABY. ^__^ Haha.

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