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Cirque Romantique-Chapter 5

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chapter 5

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A/N:Hi,here's chapter 5 of Cirque Romantique.
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Cirque Romantique-Chapter 5.

I ran inside my house and shut the door,out of breath.
I climbed the stairs to see Sadie's bedroom door open,with her sat on the floor on her laptop.
"Gee,can you help me with my homework?"She asked.
I could feel the hunger growing inside me.
No,she's my sister!
But,the hunger..
"Gee?"She asked,backing away with her eyes widened in fear.
"Sorry,I was just pretending to be a vampire.."I trailed off,snapping out of the trance.
I walked to my room and shut the door.
I turned on my desk lamp and looked at my hands.
There was tiny dents in the tips of them.
I licked my fingers,and my spit never showed up.
"So,you've discovered your first power.."Zacky stated,stepping out of the shadows.
"Take this away.Take away this vampirism.It's endangering me.I was this,"I held up my fingers to show the percentage."this close away from killing my sister!"I shout,but Zacky covers my mouth.
"Keep it down,do you want the whole neighbourhood to hear?!"He hissed.
He uncovered my mouth.
"I don't want this life,"I say quietly,with tears filling my eyes."I don't want to kill people."
"You won't kill anybody.The Vampeneze do that."Zacky says.
"Bad vampires who kill who they feed on.We had a truce for about eighty years,getting ugly aparently.Look,we're going off subject.You can't live here no more"Zacky demands.
"Why?"I ask.
"Too obvious,you need to keep low-key.You'll live at the Cirque."Zacky suggests.
"Okay then."I agree.
"But you can't just leave.You're going to have to die first.."Zacky smiles.

I tap lightly on my parent's bedroom door.
I poke my head around the door,then slip inside.
"Mom,dad.I need to tell you something."I stammer.
"Sure,sweet pea,come on up."My mom says sweetly,patting the middle space with a smile.
I climb up onto the bed and lay in the middle.
"What's bothering you,son?"My dad asks.
"I just wanna say,you're great parents.You're doing a great job with me and Sadie.And,I'm sorry I didn't do all my chores,and the fact that I didn't study.I will,I promise.I just wanted to say,I love you.."I smile as I hug my parents for the last time before leaving the room.
I slip quietly into Sadie's room and I plant a kiss on her forhead as she slept.
"Goodbye,Sadie.."I whisper before leaving her room.

"How old were you,when you became a vampire?"I asked Zacky as we sat on the roof,the place I would 'die'.
"I was twenty.I had just been left by my fiancee,Esther Collins.I found her again sixty years later,she was an old bat.But my heart still beat like a jackrabbit.."Zacky said,quietly.
"Wow.Dumped,huh?Zacky Vengance became a vampire,'cause he got dumped."I laughed.
"Have you ever been dumped?"He scowled.
"Yeah,lots of times."I smile.
"Then you know that feeling when your heart gets broken,and you can't live."He said,gritting his teeth.
Zacky handed me a small bottle.
"Here.Drink up."He ordered.
I unscrewed the lid and swallowed the liquid.
I handed back the empty bottle.
I couldn't feel my lips anymore.
"My lips are numb"I mumble.
"That means it's working.."Zacky smiles.
I then began to shake my hands about,to get the pins and needles out.
"I've got pins and needles in my hands.."I say quietly.
"Good,it's worked."
We look up at the night sky.
"Nice night,actually.Is that a shhoting star?"Zacky asks and I look in the direction he is pointing.
Then all goes black as he breaks my neck,but I can still hear him.
"Sorry.It was preliminary that I do that,or they'd never believe you were dead.There's no damage to your spinal cord,and I'll sneak into the funeral home to fix your broken neck.Oh,and sorry about this next part too.."
Zacky then slumped my limp body off the roof and my back hit the cold,hard gravel.

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