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Cirque Romantique-Chapter 9

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chapter 9 (i think..)

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A/N:chapter 9 is here!Is this chapter 9?I'm not sure..

Cirque Romantique-Chapter 9

I woke up the next morning,and Vampiris wasn't there.
She must've started her chores already.
I sighed and got out of bed.
Time for today's work.

I was on my way to Zacky's tent,when I saw Lupus crying,and the others comforting her.
"What's going on?"I asked,walking up to the group.
"Oh,umm,Zacky said you don't need to do your work today."Frank told me.
"Really?Ok,then,I'll go find Vampiris then"I say,about to walk off but Ray stopped me.
"We need to tell you something.."He said,sadly.

"They took her?"I asked,raising my voice.
"I'm sorry,Gerard.."Frank mumbled.
"It's ok,Frank.It's not your fault.It's none of your faults,guys."I say,trying to hide my tears.
"There's something else,they said it's time to 'come home'"Ray said.
"Home.Ok,then."I say,standing up and walking towards the main gates.
"Gerard!"Frank called,running after me.
"What?"I say,turning back to him.
"Bring her home.Safe."
"I will,Frank.I will"

I arrived back at my old house,and entered through my open window.
My room wasn't the same anymore,it had that awful stench of evil.
Someone was in here.

I walked slowly down the stairs,taking caution for any enemies that could attack.
I entered the dining room to see a knife sticking out of the table.
I walked toward the table to see a note.

Dear Gerard,
You didn't accept this amazing oppertunity.
We've found somebody else.
We decided to test out his new skills,he said he's an old friend of yours.
You shall meet him soon,along with the doom of your family and your little girlfriend.
We know Vampiris well,she was one of us before those mofricans,your type of vampires,turned her good.
Anywho,we'll see you at the theatre,your real resting place.
From Mr.Tiny and the new leader of the Vampeneze.
P.S:you can take the knife if you so wish,to try to defend yourself,since you haven't had any blood at all.

I picked up the knife and shoved it in my pocket,then crumpled up the note.
This means war.

Right,the next chapter shall be the last then,it seems.
I love you guys!
xoxo Sadie xoxo
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