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Tough Day

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"How are you son." He said with a smile.
"How dare you-"
"Frankie I'm-." He interrupted.
"Don't fucking interrupt me. How dare you show your face around here? You fucking left me and my mom alone. No money. No child support. No nothing. So look, if you're trying to see if you can make this all better by just showing up out of nowhere than you are dead fucking wrong. I will never forgive you for what you did. I hate-"
"Frankie who is it?" My mom said when she came to the door. But when she saw who was at the door she froze. "Frankie dear, let me and your father talk for a little bit."
"No." I said firmly. I wasn't going to move just because they wanted to have adult talk. I have the right to listen.
"Frankie please. I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear this." She said pleadingly. I couldn't help but give in.
"Fine. I'm taking Chewy out for a walk." I said with a frown. I picked Chewy up, pushed "the drunk" out of my way and left the house.
I couldn't beleive he would show his disgusting face after 11 damn years. He was a stupid drunk that never cared about his damn family. When I was little every time my mom needed money for groceries he would slap her and tell her to stop being needy.
I never liked him. Not even as a father. That's why I refuse to call him dad. Instead I call him by his well deserving nicknames such as: drunk, deadbeat, road kill, worthless, etc.
'Don't think too much about it Frank', I thought, 'In the end your mom will stand her ground and tell him to leave you guys alone. She'll get him out of your life for good.'
I shrugged it off and decided to go to the pet store to buy Chewy a leash. He was still a little wet from the bath.
I made my way to Pet World and was welcomed with the smell of kibbles and animal pee. I looked around and found the pet accessory section. There was really weird things in that aisle. Of course I found the perfect leash and collar for Chewy, but next to them was a weirdly shaped dog bone. I checked on the back of the item and found that it was actually a dildo. For dogs. How strange. I laughed a little and just went to the register.
"That'll be six dollars and thirty seven cents." The cashier said. She was a girl and really pretty. If I were straight or bisexual I would totally ask her out. But I'm not either of those so I'll just say she's pretty.
I gave her ten bucks and let her keep the change. I left the store and found a nearby bench to put Chewy his collar and leash. To be honest he was really heavy and I didn't want to carry him so much anymore.
I placed him on the bench and put his collar on him. I was about to put his leash on when he jumps off the bench and runs across the street.
Dammit. This is the second time this today. I'm I dog repellent or what?
"CHEWY GET YOUR TAIL OVER HERE!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!" I screamed. Everyone on the sidewalks of New Jersey looked at me as if I were crazy. I can't blame them for thinking that.
I ran after him for the second time that day and ended up being in an alley. Well isn't this great.
"Chewy. Here boy." I whispered.
"What's up emo boy?" I heard a voice say behind me.
It was a gangster. Not the ones with suits and fancy rings. The ones who always talked shit and hung around the hood.
"I have to go." I said and lowered my head. I was about to leave when he grabs my arm and forcefully pushes me up against the wall.
"People like you shouldn't live. Fucking faggot." He sneered. He punched my stomach. Making me cringe in agony and fall to the ground.
He picked me up by my shirt and threw me to a trash can. My head hurt with pain. He didn't care. Instead he kept kicking my stomach until blood was spewing out of my mouth.
"Get the hell away from the boy." I heard a dark voice say. I couldn't see the man clearly. All I saw was a dark figure. Then my vision went black.
Ok so here's is the last update for today. Two updates in one day as I promised. Now that I'm done I have to go to sleep for school tomorrow. Bye my sweet darlings.
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