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The Woman In Black

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Prologue to my Woman In Black fic :3

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2013-01-18 - Updated: 2013-01-18 - 744 words

“Ahhhhh!” The girl screamed in delight as her father swung her around the nursery room until she was laughing so much that he had to stop spinning and just hold her. She clung to her father as though she would never let go. “Again Daddy, again,” the dark haired girl demanded.

“I think if he spins you around again then you’ll be sick Hozzie,” BrynWay laughed from where she stood laughing in the doorway.

Hozzie pouted slightly and looked up at her father, her blue eyes asking for him to continue playing. “Aw c’mon Bryn, let us have our fun.” Gerard looked over at his wife.

“But Daddy I haven’t had a turn yet!” Mia was standing by Gerard’s leg and he stroked her curled hair that had been tied back in a purple velvet ribbon.

“Well I’m going to go tend to the garden,” Bryn said. “I’ll leave all of you to have your fun.”

She shut the door behind her and Gerard set Hozzie down on the floor by the little dolls tea party the girls had set up earlier. Seizing her chance, Mia sat on Gerard’s lap before he could stand up again. She giggled as he began to tickle her. Suddenly the third Way triplet, Shayla, had jumped onto her father’s back and clung to his shoulders. Her chestnut hair bounced lightly as Mia fell from Gerard’s lap and he began to run around the room with Shayla on his back. She squealed and giggled as he continued to carry her around the nursery until he grew tired and had to let her land on the floor with her sisters.

“Ok then girls.” Gerard sighed. “I’m going to go and join your mother in the garden now. You girls can continue the tea party without me I’m sure.” Giving each of his daughters a kiss on the top of their heads he walked out of the attic and down the stairs to join his wife in the garden.

Chattering away, Hozzie, Shayla and Mia began to pour out the cups of tea for each doll. Their laughter and talking all stopped at once and the room became silent as they turned to look at something in the corner. Simaltaneously, all three girls got to their feet, their childish grins had disappeared from their lips. The playful glint in their eyes was changed to a blank stare headed in the direction of the three windows. The triplets began to walk towards the windows, not paying attention to their earlier tea party but simply walked through it as if they could no longer see what was directly in front of them. Their matching black boots crushed the heads of their beloved dolls and shattered the miniature tea cups.

Lifting the skirts of their pale dresses so they could raise their feet up on to the first step, each girl took their place at a window. Mia at the left most window, Shayla at the right and Hozzie in the middle. With their right hands they turned the handle of the window that they stood in front of and slowly opened them wide.

Up one more step, all three girls were on the ledge. The blowing wind did not phase them even slightly. Unblinking eyes, stared out into the open air. It was almost as if they did not realise what they were doing. All at once, the Way triplets jumped and fell to the ground with an awful, synchronised thud.

Their parents had witnessed the fall of their daughters and the sight of their broken bodies on the soft grass caused Bryn to scream in terror.
“My babies!” she shrieked and ran over to them. She gently shook each of her daughters and called shouted their names in the hope that she hadn’t lost them, even though she already knew she had. As she leant over them her brown hair lay over her daughters. Bryn’s tears began to fall and she sobbed over the daughters she would never watch grow up. Gerard had crouched next to her and tried to pull her up but she tried to cling to Hozzie, Shayla and Mia.

“No! No!” She cried. But Gerard pulled her and she collapsed into his arms. He held her close as she sobbed into his chest.

All the while, a dark figure stood alone in the empty nursery.
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