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Stop Bullying.

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A PSA on bullying. Posted here because most of the site users are here, and there's been quite some drama on this part too.

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At the most fundamental parts of life, we are all human. We all eat, sleep, and breathe just like everyone else. More than that, we all need love, every last one of us. No one deserves to suffer or be alone.

Humans are pack animals, in the simplest description possible. While they can survive on their own, they often times do not do well, growing lonely and sad. But still worse is facing the cruelty put out by our fellow human beings.

As punishment for a wrong, cruelty, while unpleasant, is sometimes warranted. At the very least, it is not unexpected. However, the cruelty that I am talking about is the entirely unwarranted, unnecessary type. The bullying type.

No human being deserves to be insulted and put down because of the way they look, act, speak, or dress. Neither is their gender, sexual orientation, economic or relationship status, or (mental) health, or intelligence or a lack thereof a better reason to insult them. At the same time, it's also not acceptable to bring forth cruelty over 'stupid' things, like music preferences. Cruelty is never warranted, no matter how difference the person is from you.

Ignorance is cruelty, too. Nobody should be ignored to the point that they feel as if no one would miss them if they die. They shouldn't feel like they're worth less than nothing. Every single life on this planet is valuable, no matter how small or useless it may seem. Every single one of those lives are individual people, each of who need love.

You could be the person who writes the next big series, or directs an earth moving film, or finds the cure for cancer, or even just hosts a very popular website or video blog, but you'll never know if you kill yourself before you get there. At the same time, remember that this may also be true of the people that you bully.

Bullying is no joke.

Written because last week my school made us all go to this assembly against bullying. The way that they executed it was a complete joke, and made kids look at it in an even more humorous light than they already do, which says something... The one decent part of it was this guy who works with this program, Safe Schools, I think it's called, which raises bullying awareness, getting on stage and telling everyone how it affected him when he was a teen, the message of which was lost in between the rest of the garbage put on by the school's students. Thoroughly disgusts me the way that kids take bullying as a joke.
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