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Motel inn

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"Look kid I'm sorry, but I can't let live with me. Your father would kill me." My uncle said.
I had Chewy in my arms and my legs were killing me. I just walked 12 blocks just to get to his house and I end up with him not letting me stay with him. What a great life.
"Just because you're the little brother it doesn't mean you have to follow his rules. You're a grown man. Not a naive little kid." I told him.
"Well I'm sorry but I just can't let you live here. And it's not just your father. Maintaining myself is hard enough the last thing I need is a teenager and a dog. Plus it's time you learned to grow up and make adult decisions. I don't mean to be the bad guy. Just face it Frank, you need to become a man. I'm sorry." And with that he closed the door on me.
I was beyond mad. I was pissed. I hate my life. I walked away from my uncle's street and went to a motel. I had two hundred sixty four dollars saved up from some piano performances at school.
"Excuse me ma'am, how much does your cheapest room cost?" I asked to the woman at the front.
"Our cheapest room costs 36 bucks a night. You want the keys?" The woman asked rather rudely. She was chewing gum and popping it. A stereotypical New Jersey girl.
"Yes please." I said politely. At least I had manners.
She threw me the keys and told me to leave her alone. Well that was bitchy of her.
I found the room I was given and went in. It was actually kinda nice. The bed was well made, the floors weren't filled with stains, and the restroom had a bathtub with Victorian curtains. This was paradise compared to other motels.
I sat down on the bed and put Chewy down so he could get to know the room we'd be in for a while. The luggage was put next to the door.
I decided to take a bath and relax for a bit. After all today was filled with roller coaster moods. I went to the bathroom and removed my clothes.
Once I filled the tub with water I slipped in and let all the weight on my shoulders go. My eyes started to feel heavy. And I eventually fell asleep.
----------------------30 minutes later----------------------
I was awoken to the sound of my phone ringing. I immediately got up from the still warm water, got a towel, and retrieved my phone from the suitcase.
"Hello." I answered groggily.
"Hey Frank." Said an odd voice.
"Who's this?" I questioned.
"Come on Frankie it's only been a week and you've already forgotten about me." Said the man. "It's Ray. Your best friend since forever."
Shit. "Sorry Ray, I didn't recognize your voice for a moment. So what's up?" I said.
"I wanted to take you out so you could see me in wolf form. I still owe you proof of being a werewolf remember?" He said unsurely. Oh yeah, I remember.
"Yup I remember. So you want to go now?" I said excitedly.
"Sure. I'll go to your house." He said. Oh no. I have to tell him.
"No it's okay. I'll meet you where you want to go. I'll tell you why later." I told him.
He seemed to hesitate and said, "Alright. Meet me in the woods."
"Where in the woods?"
"The clearing with really pretty flowers."
"Ok I'll see you there. Bye"
I'm so sorry it's short. I swear there will be more tomorrow. I had writers block again. Although I did manage to break through a little. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you guys that mikey has a new girlfriend. I don't know how that happened. I didn't even know he broke up with Alicia. But I don't want to get into his personal business so as long as he's happy I'm happy. Ok bye for now guys. You'll hear from me tomorrow I promise you. Rate and review if you think this story is worthy enough.
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