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They Break up but their made up...

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(Frerard oneshot)Frank and Eva decide they can't do this anymore. They're both in love, just not with each other.

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Hey Guys!
This little brainfart has been rattling around my nogan for weeks so I decided to write it in hope it would stop bullying my other braincells into submission. I hope you enjoy it although its a little strange. Oh and if you could maybe, possibly review that would be like the most awesome ever...EVER...sorry too many Skittles i'm on a sugar rush. Enjoy xoxo


Frank rolled off his girlfriend with relief, he really wasn't into trying to have sex with her when he was thinking about someone else. This was going to be their first time but neither had the nerve to go through with it. They lay there in silence trying to think of what to say, they both knew that this was going to happen at some point but not really expecting it to be when they were both naked.

Eva and Frank had been dating for almost a year and a half now and neither of them wanted to date any longer, you see they were both in love, just not with each other. Eva had met Frank in Kindergarten and they had grown up together as best friends, they only began dating because they had nobody else and it just seemed like the right thing to do. Not anymore though, they met some new friends when they were both transferred to a new school after they blew up the chemistry lab.

Eva had started talking to a guy named Ray in their first lesson after he complimented her Iron Maiden shirt and he invited her to meet his friends Gerard, Mikey and Bob. She introduced Ray to Frank and eventually the whole gang had hit it off, it was almost as if they had known each other forever. Eva had began developing feelings for Ray about six months ago but for Frank it had been love at first sight when he met Gerard and the two soon became best friends.

Now as they both lay there naked and relieved that they were finally going to break up they both sighed. It was a freaky thing they did, after knowing each other for so long they would say or do something at the exact same time "I can't do this Frank...I love you but as my best friend not your girlfriend..."

"I miss just having my best friend around Eva, I miss you..." they turned to face each other and smiled at how relaxed they both were now there feelings toward each other was made clear

"I love him Eva...I really do..."

"I think you need to tell him, I think I need to tell Ray..." Frank leaned forward and kissed her forehead like he always used to do

"Come on sweetpea, get a shower and I'll call the guys..." She nodded and Frank turned away from her to allow her some dignity, strange considering they were just about to have sex but itb just felt right.


Frank showered after Eva and they both sat on the couch in their apartment. They moved in together when they transferred because their parents had to stay behind due to work commitments but still sent them money for food and rent. They still wished they could be with their children though.

Eva chewed furiously on her thumb nail as nerves shot down her spine. She knew Gerard liked Frank, he had told her and she knew things were gonna go well for them but she had no idea how Ray felt about her. It was obvious to anyone except Eva that Ray had fallen head over heels for her. She just couldn't see it.

The doorbell rang and they looked at each other, panic in their eyes. Frank took a deep breath and Eva began to shake as he got and opened the door "Hey guys..."

"Hey Frankie..." the two boys stepped into the apartment and walked into the front room where Eva sat wide eyed and fearful

"Are...Are you guys ok?" Ray looked between Eva and Frank suspiciously. Frank gestured for the guys to sit down as he walked over to Eva

"We needed to talk to you guys, we I mean Eva and I broke up but we went back to being best friends and well thats why we got you over here..." Frank looked at the boys confused faces and then to Eva for help..

"RAY I LOVE YOU!!!" Eva cried out and buried her face into a sofa cushion in such a dramatic fashion that Frank burst into hysterics. Ray sat there stunned for a minute just staring wide eyed at the object of his affection. Gerard, clearly sensing a moment, grabbed Franks arm and pulled him from the front room into a bedroom

"Frank is she serious?..." Frank wiped his eyes and nodded at Gerard "And your okay with this?" Frank nodded again and sat on the bed

"Eva is my best friend and sure I love her but not in that way, I don't even like girls dude..." Gerard didn't know what to say but a blush crept onto his pale cheeks as he hid behind his hair "...I like you..." He wasn't sure if he heard Frank right as he whispered but if he did he wasn't letting this opportunity slip

"I like you too Frank" Franks heart almost stopped as he looked up and stared at Gerard. Butterflies were smashing through his stomach and his palms were sweaty as Gerard moved closer to him. Suddenly Frank was laying down with Gerard on his hands and knees above him "I really fucking like you..." And with that he placed his lips on Franks and there kiss immediatly became frantic as months of pent up lust finally burst through them. Their hands exploring each others bodies and grinding against each other. This was it. They both had what they wanted.

Ray poked at Eva's sides in an attempt to make her look at him. This was the first time he had seen Eva act really girly and it made his stomach clench. He gave up and sat back on the sofa, grabbing her waist and pulling her back so her head was on his lap, she still clung to the cushion so her face was hidden though "If you can hear me behind that thing, I love you too..."

Eva peeked her eyes from beneath the cushion to look up at him "You..You do?" He smiled and nodded at he half hidden girl on his lap he nodded and opened his mouth to reply but before he formed any words her mouth was on his and she was pressing herself against his body. He ran his hands up her back and pulled her tighter to him. Finally he had the girl he was besotted by when she first walked in to his form class in an Iron maiden shirt. He finally had her.

As Ray and Eva made their way to the other bedroom they heard Frank say to Gerard "I got a boyfriend and my best friend back all in one night" and Eva turned to look at Ray and smile

"Me too, this is the best night ever..."
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