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Tainted knife

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I just found this, I wrote it about an ex boyfriend who wouldn't let me go and pretty much broke me. My brother found out about him being abusive and I haven't seen him since but anyway Enjoy

Tainted Knife

Filthy little precious lies
Buried deep in graveyard eyes
I see it all
Every little touch you give
Driving away my will to live
I can't take any more

My broken twisted soul is trapped
Beatween loving you and Hating that
You got me down on my knees
And here I am begging please
let me go

You tear me apart
You crush my heart
With your venom words
And poison touches
I need to be free
Take my life
Shred my crippled heart
With your tainted knife
One day I'll break away from you
You'll be ashes by the time I'm through

Feel the beating
My chest is heaving
Trembling fear in the words you said
I'm coming back from the dead
Baby you say I'm your's forever
but my twisted smile's screaming 'Never'

You can't break me anymore
I'm evening up the score
I'm grinding you down piece by piece
My grip on you will never release
Feel every ounce of pain I did
Feel every single bruise I hid
I'll finally feel what it's like
Being the one holding that tainted knife
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