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Unexpected costumer

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Me and Noah walked to his car. It was a black Mercedes Benz with tinted windows. That could come in very handy when we do the "dirty". I giggled at the thought and Noah looked at me in a strange way.
We were at what I suppose was his restaurant in just 20 minutes. It was a very beautiful place. It reminded me of the castle in Cinderella. The two beautiful stairways, the chandelier, even a ballroom. I loved it.
Noah laughed at the look of astonishment on my face. Everything was just so wonderful that I didn't even know how I was gonna find my way when I served tables. It was a mystery I had to solve on the job.
Noah then led me to the kitchen where I would be picking up the food ordered by the costumers. After he explained everything the other employees started to check in.
"Don't bother being friends with them. They're very snotty people even for waiters." Noah told me firmly. I felt like a 5 year old coming to pre-k for the first time. I listened to what he said and avoided all contact with the employees.
I was surprised to find out that he was actually right. I didn't believe him at first, but when I accidentally made eye contact with a man employee he rolled his eyes and murmured something cruel to the friend next to him. I knew it was cruel because his friend looked at me and glared. I guess I'm not their type.
All the workers were suited up and ready to serve, including me. Noah opened the doors to the restaurant and the place piled in with rich people who didn't really seem so mean.
I came up to my first costumers. They were a couple. How cute. "Good afternoon. My name is Frank and I will be your server for today. How may I help you?"
"I'll have a coca-cola and a 16-ounce steak." The man said. Wait a minute. I know that voice. The guy put down menu. It was Gerard. What in hell is he doing here? And with a girl?
"I'll have a water and chicken salad with extra sauce." The girl said. She put the menu down and I saw that it was Lindsey. Lindsey was the head cheerleader at our school. She was also the prettiest girl at our school. And the sluttiest.
"Are you just gonna stand there or will you actually do your job, servant?" The slut said bossily. I'm starting to hate this job already.
"Yes, I'll be right back with your drinks." I told them and left. Noah was gone, nowhere to be found. I wonder why?
"Here are your drinks. The meals you requested will be out in a bit." I told them as soon as I came back. They both nodded and shooed me off.
I was pissed. No, furious. How dare Gerard say he loves me then go out with that whore? He better just be drinking her blood. Or else I'd kill that bitch during school and rip her-
"Order up!!!" Said the chef. I immediately got the plates and walked to the table. When I got there they were kissing and moaning. How sick.
I cleared my throat and they pulled away. "Here's your order. Would you like pepper on the salad ma'am?
"No. Now move along little midget. " Lyndsey said. Well isn't that rude. I walked away and moved along to other customers.
I kept my eyes on them meanwhile I served other tables. All they did was make out. They didn't even touch their food.
When I looked back for what seemed like the thousandth time I swear I saw Gerard open his eyes to look at me and close them instantly when I looked back. I'll admit I was very jealous. I hated that feeling. It made me dislike myself more than I already did.
"Hey short guy!!! Get the fuck over here!!!!" Yelled Lindsey. I made my way to the table reluctantly.
"What might you need?" I said politely. Hiding the anger in my words.
"Please give us a box to put all of the food in." Gerard said nicely. He didn't look at me when he said this. All he did was look at the table with an arm around Lindsey and a hand on the table with his finger tapping.
"Right away, sir." I left and came back in seconds with two boxes in my hands.
I left the check on the table and waited until they put the money on it. Once they paid and left I made my way to the table and got the money. Apparently I was worthy of a tip.
The rest of the night was spent with me getting many costumers. Though when I had time I would think of Gerard and reasons why he'd bring that hoe to such a nice restaurant. I stopped letting it get to my head after a while and focused on my job.
He was a free man. And there was nothing I could do about it. Absolutely nothing.
That is the chapter for today. My short writers block has been killed. I'm pretty sure it'll be reincarnated once I run out of ideas. Oh and This one goes to tdeeley you can find out about Noah in chapter 18. Read from there and then you'll know who he is.
Ok bye guys I'm going to bed.
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