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This is a weird one...

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Yeah so I found this in an old lyric book from a few years back and I kinda like it so I thought I'd share it with you guys

Vikki xoxo

I watch their shadows climb the wall
I see the undead rise, like creatures the crawl
I feel their breath blow through my hair
I taste their want, I feel their stare
But they don't scare me
I embrace their touch
I lust after darkness
I need it's clutch
Theres nothing to me they can do
'Cause baby nothing scares me more than you

My heart stops when I feel your breath
like its being gripped by the icy fingers of death
When you pull me into your hold
Every drop of my blood runs cold
I can't take it when you say your mine
I'm terrified by the shivers down my spine
When I see the demons outside the gate
When I hear their voices filled with hate
I don't care if they take me
I don't care if they kill me
Let the Vampires come to drain my blood
I'll welcome the release as I drown in the flood
They won't make my temprature drop
'cause baby your my HalloweenHeartstop

When I look into your eyes
A piece of my soul dies
Your'e taking every ounce of my life
Slicing at me with cupids knife
I want to let the monsters through
I need them to take me away from you
I don't want the way you feel
I don't want your heart to steal
I'm begging you to let me go
Before this grip you have takes control

May the Devil come and tear me apart
Because HalloweenHeartstop has taken my heart
May the demons of hell drag me through
Baby nothing scares me more than you...
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