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Secrets to be known

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"What do you want to eat, darling? Italian or Mexican?" Noah asked rummaging through the fridge. By now we had already unpacked and were ready for dinner. I'll admit, it was fun unpacking the clothes. Noah would play around sometimes and lock me up in his walk-in closet, demanding to surrender with a kiss. I don't know what had gotten into him. He turned silly and childish in good way. Normally he would keep his cool and go with the flow, but not today I guess.
"Italian please." I told him. He smirked.
"Good. Because I only know how to cook Italian. I can cook Mexican, but not the vegetarian recipes." He said holding a box of pasta in his hands. He was wearing an apron that said "Kiss the cook or else". It made me laugh when I saw it.
All I did while Noah cooked was look at his ass. It was so sassy that I couldn't believe he wasn't completely gay. Turns out he's bisexual. Which is cool with me as he doesn't check girls out.
Noah was taking his sweet time with the cooking, so I decided to go to the master bedroom and hang around the balcony for a bit. Not literally of course.
Once I'd made my way to the balcony a breeze hit my face thoroughly. It was relaxing and smelled like flowers. Everything seemed so beautiful from the angle of the balcony. The trees looked like tall pink bushes, the grass looked like green oil paint, and the gates looked a like a small border between reality and paradise. Where I was standing it was paradise. Though I'd eventually had to go back to reality some day. Just not now.
"Hey honey." A husky voice whispered in my ear. It was Noah obviously. He kissed my hair and wrapped his arms around me.
"Shouldn't you be in the kitchen making sure the food doesn't burn?" I asked calmly.
"It's in the oven. It'll take about thirty or forty minutes." He said and turned me around. I was met with a passionate kiss to the lips. I kissed back willingly. The love coursed through my very veins begging for more than just kisses.
I moaned in his mouth provoking him to pick me up bridal style and lead us to the bed. He laid me down in a smooth motion, never pulling away from the kiss. Our groins touched roughly and I groaned loudly. It felt like I was on a cloud farther than 9, but to reach Heaven I had to take the mask off without him knowing. I tangled my hands in his hair and found the silk string that tied his mask. I slowly began to untie it, but then one of his hands flew to my wrist and stopped me. He pulled away from the kiss and looked me in the eyes.
"Before you do that I want to tell you something." He said darkly. His British accent no longer there.
"Go ahead." I whispered nervously.
"My name isn't really Noah. It's Mikey. Mikey Way. I'm pretty sure you know my brother Gerard. Since he is the man you truly lo-"
"I don't love him!!! And how could you be Gerard's brother if he died a month ago. If you're trying to make a joke it's not funny." This just couldn't be possible. Gerard's brother died. Another reason why I know it can't be Gerard's brother is because Gerard didn't turn Mikey into a vampire. So basically Mikey would be looking like an old guy.
He got off the bed and so did I. He walked all the way next to the door while I stood still next to the balcony entrance.
"It's a really long. You see when I was proclaimed dead the men at the hospital left me in the room with the blanket covering my face. Gerard said he would take my body and cremate it. Little did he know that one of the doctors was a vampire. That same doctor bit me and made me come back to life. The part that Gerard probably didn't tell you was that when he went to take me I wasn't there anymore. Instead I was at a witches house getting a potion that would make me look younger, but he didn't know that. The doctors had told him my body was stolen. I followed him flying back to New Jersey. I could hear Gerard mumbling to himself like a lost soul "Frank's gonna fix me". It was like you were the only thing in this world that could help him. I came back to Belleville once I'd hit the United States area. I don't know where he had gone. But it definitely wasn't to New Jersey.
"I bought a mask so I could rob a store. I had no money so it was either stealing or getting a job and having my identity discovered. I never really thought I'd end up saving such a beautiful man such as yourself. Then falling in love with that same man a week later." He looked at me dreamily. I looked away.
"Why didn't you go back Gerard when you were turned? All these secrets could've easily been avoided if you had just told him." This time my eyes searched his. He didn't look at me only at the floor.
"I didn't want to hold him back like I'd done so for the last 98 years I was alive. He needed to be free of me. I was the anchor to his boat. I couldn't tell him I was part of the living dead. That's why every time he comes to the restaurant I hide somewhere in the woods so he doesn't sense me." He looked like he was about to cry. Though I couldn't really tell since his face was still masked.
Before he could stop me I ran up to him and untied the mask revealing his full profile. I could actually see his cheekbones more clearly and his nose was slightly curved in a beautiful way. His eyes seemed to sparkle even more, if possible. He resembled a lot like Gerard. Except Mikey's eyes were hazel and Gerard's were green, when they wanted to be.
All this commotion had gotten my mind rattled up. It made me dizzy. I fell to my knees, my vision blurring. Mikey picked me up and gently put me down on the bed.
"Frank answer me. Are you okay? Frank!!!!" He yelled. I didn't have enough energy to answer. My eyes closed and I was stuck in darkness.
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