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Happy days

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Kisses. Moans. Orgasms. Passion. Pleasure.
Those five words perfectly described my weekend with Gerard. He'd turned me into his sex monster. Every time I'd get what I wanted I still craved for more. I couldn't believe how wild we'd gotten. I think I lost some weight. Not because of how much sex we had, but because we hadn't eaten any food whatsoever.
Today's Monday. I should be at school learning about some new formula for statistics. But I decided to dropout. Why go to school when I could just live my life like an adult? I could get a job. Maybe even rent an apartment. I just wanted to show the world that I wasn't afraid of being alone.
Right now I'm looking for a well-paying job that can give me good hours to work with. So far I'd gone to 8 places that needed help, but I just couldn't see myself working there. I came to a stop reading a help wanted poster for a classical radio station. Basically all that was needed was a pianist to play on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. I smiled knowing it was the perfect job for me. Now all I needed to do was audition.
"Next!!!!" Called the bald man. A woman walked her way to the stage looking as confident as ever. She started to play a melody I had no recognition of. The judges kept a still face, no emotion at all. When the woman finished her five minute audition everyone clapped including me. That girl was really skilled on the piano, not to be conceived or anything, but I doubt her years of experience will outwit my 6 years of self teaching.
"Thank you for participating we will be sure to inform you if you've gotten the job or not. Next!!!" Said the bald man again. I was the one being called on. I jumped to my feet and gracefully walked my way to the stage. My palms were sweaty, my fingers were shaking, and brain felt like goo. I was nervous as hell and I didn't know how to control it.
"So what will you be playing for us, son?" Said one of the judges. He was a man that looked a lot like Simon Cowell. Even the accent was on the dot.
"I-I'll be playing Moonlight Sonata 3 by Beethoven." I stuttered. The man nodded for me to continue and play. I closed my eyes for a moment and breathed in deeply. 'This is it. Time to show them what you're made of.' And with that in my mind I placed my hands on the keys and played my heart out.
"Results are in." A man came out of the stage area and pinned a paper to the wooden board. I sat still in my seat letting everyone else read the results first.
A shrill scream came from the middle of the crowd. The woman that was auditioning for pianist pushed and shoved people out of her way. Her face was red and shriveled up into an ireful face. It scared me only a little. She then stomped her way over to me and pointed her finger in my face.
"YOU!!! You're the one who got MY job!!!!" She yelled. I wiped my face of her spit. Then I stopped halfway. I got the job?!?
The woman saw my astonished face and nodded. "Yes, you did get the job, you good for nothing little punk. How old are you anyway? Twelve?" I was insulted by this. Luckily, I'm a master at comebacks.
"Well apparently I'm old enough to beat you at piano, so.............DUECES!!!" I ran from the lady, laughing my ass off. I swear her face shriveled even more.
I stopped running when I saw the pet shelter. But not just a pet shelter Chewy's pet shelter. A smile came across my face when I entered through the doors.
Barks were heard in the back. I went up to the receptionist and told her who I was. She smiled and lead me to the playroom.
Chewy was playing around with a chihuahua. A GIRL chihuahua. I'm fine with him having a girlfriend as long as he doesn't get the her pregnant. I ain't takin' care if no babies. Straight up.
Another thing I noticed was that he had gotten bigger and taller. It feels like just yesterday he was sitting in my room whimpering.
"Chewy, my love." His ears quickly perked up and he looked my way. His tail wagged more rapidly than before. He came sprinting towards me with a lot of force and I fell on my ass while he practically showered my face with his tongue. I couldn't help but laugh really loud. It caused the other dogs to bark.
I sat up and put Chewy on my lap. "Hey, boy. How are you? Did you get yourself a girlfriend?" He barked. In my language that meant a yes. I smiled at him.
I spent an hour playing with him and his little chihuahua friend. They were actually very cute together. They played more amongst each other than with me.
I decided to leave the two love birds alone and walked back to the motel. Once I got to my room Gerard was sitting on my bed waiting for me.
"Hey, babe." I walked over to him and pecked his cheek.
"Hey, honey. Where were you?" He questioned. A grin came to my face.
"I was out getting a job. Then I came upon a 'help wanted' sign for a classical radio station. You know how much I love playing piano, so I auditioned and apparently I got the job because this lady came up to me and screamed in my face just because I got her job." I took a deep breath. All that was said was a mouthful.
"Congratulations, my love. How do you want to celebrate this fantastic news?" He asked excitedly.
"I want ice cream!!!" I said in a child-like voice. He laughed.
"Well then ice cream we shall get." He got my hand and we went out to his car.
The drive was filled with laughter when I told him about what I'd told the lady after I found out I got the job.
"Did you really say dueces?" He asked in a fit of giggles.
"Yeah, I did." I laughed.
"I can't believe you. That's just too damn funny." We laughed even more. The car came to a stop when we got to the ice cream parlor.
I loved this place when I was little. They always had a man that would dress up as the joker and pose with little kids to take pictures. They still have the guy.
I ordered cotton candy flavored and Gerard ordered coffee flavored. This man was addicted to that chemical.
"Hello, gentlemen. Would you like to take a photo?" Omg, it's joker man. I've always wanted to take pictures with him, but as a kid he creeped me out and I never got the chance. But I'm a brave teenager now which means..............PICTURE TIME!!!!!
"Yay!!! C'mon Gee please?!?" I gave him my best puppy face. He caved in saying that I was too cute to resist.
I made the weirdest face I could while Gerard stuck his tongue out. I didn't know how long it was until now. It was actually quite a turn off. But he was still adorable.
A flash came out of the camera in front of us. We stopped posing and checked out the photo. I giggled like a maniac. It was then that I realized this was part of my happy days.
The man that I love by my side. A silly picture of us. Yup, absolutely, positively the best day ever.
That was the chapter for today. Sorry for being absent these last two days. I have this disease called "Lazy-butt-itis". So yeah have a nice night and goodies bye.
I love you people.
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