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Idea and possible auditions for anyone interested (:

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I'm obsessed with this idea for a story and I need you to help me c:

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So I don't know how to go about this...but I need some people for this idea of mine.

So here's the plan. I'm obsessed with the book "The Outsiders" if you arn't familar with it it's about two rivaling gangs, from a boy(Ponyboy) from the lower class gang's pov. I thought it would be kinda like a "imagine a walk in their shoes" kinda thing to write from someone from the other gangs POV. (A quote from the book for you all, "Things are rough all over")

Could you all kindly help me with some characters for the gangs? In the book most of them are background and arn't mentioned because it's from the other gang's pov. So it's up to our imagination c:

The two gangs-

Greasers can be called the "lower" class. More likely to punishment from comitting crimes than Socs. East side. Long, greased hair is like, their thing. A good deal of pride goes into a Grease's hair.

Socs (Its pronounced weird, like sss-o-ssh. hiss like a snake, then say oh, then Sshh like be quiet.) "Upper" class. They have money, most go through highschool unlike most Greasers. West side.

That's my short off the top of my head stuff about the two groups, and if you fill this out please realize this is set in the 1960s Oklahoma gang scene.


Grease or Soc?:

Girl or guy?:

Any specific mementos?(Jewelry, jackets, prized posessions):

General description(Be sure to include Hair color/length and eye color for me pretty please!):

Friendly to the other gang?:

Why or why not?:

Fond of fights?:

Just list some things you like to do in freetime:

Tell me something about yourself/character?:

Anything else?:

There you go! So very thankful for whoever helps me out with this. Should I throw MCR in here just for the heck of it? Idunno. Get back to me crazies.

Cya later cx

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