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Chapter 6

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Mikey continued to work through the never ending stack of documents until he heard a creaking noise from upstairs. It almost resembled the sound of footsteps but he knew that he was the only person in the house...wasn't he?

Standing up from the chair, he gazed at the ceiling where the creaking was coming from. He set down the file in his hand on the table. The noise continued even as Mikey climbed the dust covered stairs. He did not dare rest his hand on the banister as he knew it would only end up coated in cobwebs. The creaking grew louder with each step that Mikey climbed until he reached the top and everything went silent. He looked down the empty corridor which seemed to be shrouded in darkness at the end of the hallway. The sound of tinkling chimes could be heard in the shadows causing him to walk towards it. He picked up a lantern on a side table and lit a match inside it. Inside what looked like a guest bedroom, Mikey could not find anything that made the tinkling noise, nor the sound of footsteps. Directly across from this room he attempted to turn the handle of another door. Locked on the inside, it could not be opened. Yet when he removed his hand it was covered in oil or mud. It was still wet, fresh. Mikey could not put his finger on how their could be fresh mud in a house that had not been opened in good knows how long.

A soft thud echoed from the other end of the corridor. Mikey crossed the hall to where the thud had come from and entered the master bedroom. Just as he saw in the other bedroom, there was nothing. Or so he thought until he heard a baby bird chirping in the fireplace. A bird had clearly built it's next in the abandoned fireplace and while it was gone the baby had fallen and landed in the ashes. Setting down his lantern, Mikey stooped to pick up the bird and place it back in it's nest. As soon as he did, the mother bird came flapping and squawking out into the room, causing Mikey to stumble backwards. The bird landing neatly on the bed as Mikey walked over to the window.

"Come on," he said as he unlocked the window to free the bird. With it now open, he looked out onto the forest surrounding the house. But standing in the midst of the trees, was a woman. Her slight figure dressed in a black dress and her face hidden by a thick dark veil. The crow squawked again and Mikey turned his head for a second to glance at it. When he looked back at where the woman stood, she was gone.

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