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Question of Ethics

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"Not too bad," Shayera conceded, shrugging her shoulders to get the feeling back into her hands. She was quicker than John and more able to rely on pure fighting skill. Even for a human he wasn't too bad and when he hit...well. Like she said before, it wasn't all that shabby. She'd taken better hits but it wasn't like he was as useless a human as others of his species.

"Thanks," He sighed, cracking his knuckles This, he soon realized, was a mistake. The look in her eyes switched in an instant from grudging admiration to fierce, predatory excitement of a sort. He'd felt it from her far too often so he wasn't terrified by it. Yet it was one thing when she grinned like that at their enemies but quite another when she was directing it towards him.

He went hastily to correct the gap in his upper body defense but Shayera clearly hadn't survived all those years on Thanagar by being overly rigid in her form. She swept him off his feet with one kick and, before he even knew it, he had a foot holding down his right arm and the tip of her mace inches from his throat, smiling like a madwoman.

"I only said not bad," She replied flippantly. "That doesn't mean good enough." Her stare reminded John quite suddenly of a cat watching a mouse trapped between its paws, mocking and terrifyingly intense. He groaned a little but made no effort to sit up.

"Hawkgirl, I thought we were taking a break," He complained halfheartedly, knowing what kind of response he was likely to get. Shayera shook her head before kneeling down on his chest.

"What kind of kiddy fights have you been in that you take a break every time someone gets hit?" She asked curiously and John rolled his eyes.

"Sparring is different."

"Of course it's different. When we spar, I'm not trying to kill you like our enemies," Satisfied that this was all the response he could possibly need, she continued, "Now the fight is over so now you can let your guard down. At least, as long as we're not in actual combat."

John sighed, she really wasn't ever going to change. With a slight frown, he asked, "Then if the fight's over, why are you still pinning me down Hawkgirl?"

The answer came without words. Shayera just stared him down until he had the presence of mind to pick up on her look. He took a sudden breath. "Oh."

"Don't oh me," She complained as she clipped her mace to her belt. "I'm not the one who's been sitting here radiating lust since I got knocked down by someone half my size. Honestly Lantern, how do you ever come out of fights alive with women?"

John gave her his most dashing smile. "Well, not everyone can look as good as you while beating me into the ground," This comment was met with a quizzical look as expected. She'd never been good with the compliment thing. He sighed. "And really, I'm not as bad as you're always claiming."

"I know that," The statement surprised him and she smirked at his shock. "I've already told you once today you're not bad. Do you honestly think I'd waste my time on a weakling? We need to be at our physical best especially know." She slid off of and sat next to him. She sadly sighed as she took off her helmet and placed it on the ground between them.

"You miss him don't you?" His tone softened.

She sighed again, "He was like a little brother to all of us. Annoying us to no end, making funny yet stupid remarks, and always being on the bright side of things no matter how bad the situation got. So yeah I do miss him a lot. Honestly I think he held the best morals of all of us."

John remained silent as though he was hesitant to what he was about to ask. Finally he spoke up, "Do you think Superman was justified in killing Luthor?" Shayera didn't respond to that one and looked at him in shock. "I swear I won't tell them what you say. I myself don't really think so. Maybe lobotomize but not kill."

"I just think maybe he took things out of hand. Maybe there's a better way for us to do this than how we currently are," She mused momentarily. "Did Batman tell you what Superman did to Joker recently?"

"He lobotomized him," He monotonously answered.

Shayera nodded as she slightly shivered, "Yeah and he did it to a couple of others in Arkham too. I don't see how he thinks he can do this. We swore to protect people, not make them terrified of us. How is this going to better the world in general?"

"It's the way Earth is right now Hawkgirl," John stated. "There are bad people out there and we have to stop them. The ways we were doing it before obviously weren't working. Maybe Superman is on to something with this lobotomizing. I don't condone killing and lobotomizing the bad guys isn't killing them. We're just making it so they can't hurt anyone ever again."

"You honestly believe that?" She scoffed. "He's just...he's just like Luthor now John. He's willing to kill anyone in his way. He doesn't care about us as the Justice Lords. It's all of Lord Superman now," She looked intensely at him. "I get the world isn't a safe place but I don't think making all of the bad guys catatonic is going to solve anything. We're going to become the bad guys if we continue this."

"You apparently have given this some thought," John said. "That's what I thought at first but I remembered how I grew up in the latter half of the Cold War thinking the world could blow up any day. We have the power to stop those kind of things from happening. The people might not see it right now but it's for their own good we do this. We're making Earth a better place, a better world to live in."

"You have valid points. I suppose if I had children I would want them to grow up in a safe environment where they wouldn't have to worry about crime or anything."

"You're thinking of having kids? Oh I can totally see you Hawkgirl as a nurturing mother," John couldn't help it. He burst out laughing, his amusement only augmented by the deadly glares Shayera kept sending him.

"Stop it!" She snapped irritably but it was no use. An elbow to the stomach sent him stumbling to the ground but he was still chuckling. Shayera moved on top of him, pinning him back with a feral growl. "You're making fun of me!"

He looked at her as seriously as he could. "Nah not at all," Pushing himself forward a few inches, he caught her lips in a kiss and after a few moments she pushed him away.

"Liar," She muttered carelessly. "Besides I was speaking hypothetically. I have no desire to have any children. The thought of it is repulsing."

"Because then you wouldn't be able to fight and would have to split your time between kids and the Justice Lords."

"Yeah like I said, I have absolutely no desire. Those facts alone support my choice," Then she was kissing him again, controlling him again, effortlessly powerful as ever. For a moment, she broke away from the kiss, "Wanna start sparring again?"

"I'm game for it," He caught her gaze and held it.

"Oh and don't even think that you're going to be getting off easy this round, pansy."

A/N: Technically still John and Shayera, just a different version of them. Set in the early days of the Justice Lords.
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