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How it all starts.

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Some voices are louder than others. (I wrote this at like 3am. I'm not sure what it's all about. But, it scared me. So, here.)

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"We only want to help you, and all you do is ignore us.”
They just want to help you. Don’t ignore them. Say something.

“Put the book away. We need to talk about this.”
Talk to them. Don’t be rude.

“The doctor said that the reason why you’re developing anxiety problems is you just don’t get out enough. Go. Make some real friends.”
Real friends sound nice. Remember those?

“It’s okay, Amanda, It’s just a few nights. I heard the falls are a great place to make friends.”
“It’ll do you some good.”
“Everyone needs friends, Amanda.”

I guess they’re right. Let’s just go and see, huh? What could possibly happen?

“It’s a nice place, El, they’re all sweet Christian folk.”
“Don’t call us, ‘cause we won’t answer unless it’s an emergency.”
“Have fun, honey.”

Fun. Have fun. You still remember how to do that at least, right?

Deep breath Ellie, they're just people. C'mon. You can totally do this.

“Wow, you’re still alive? I thought for sure that you’d catch on fire as soon as the sunlight hit you. How was that hospital stay, huh?”
Just ignore her, she’s always been mean to you. The other guys will take up for you eventually.

"Come out here with us for a while. We've got something to show you. Don't worry about the rain. It'll just be a second."
Just do what she says. It'll be fine.

“ Why don’t you just go back to your fucking cave, you freak?”
That was mean. I thought she was my friend.

“No one needs you here.”
“No one wants you here.”

This was a terrible idea.

“Why are you even here?”
“You’re wasting our air.”

I want to go home. Please let me go home.

“Could you back up, I don’t watch to catch your disease.”
“Why do you look so scared?”
“Are you okay?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, am I making you uncomfortable? Well, you shouldn't have even been out here, then.”

I wanna go home. I wanna go home. Get me out of here. Please, someone get me out of here.

“Just kill yourself.”
“Please, kill yourself.”
“Do all of us a favor, and just end it.”
“There’s a razor in my cabin if you want to borrow it for a second.”

Let me out. Let me out. They’re so mean to me. Please, just stop.

“Why don’t you just go jump off a bridge?”
“Slit your wrists, you invert freak.”

I can’t breathe. I’m going to die. I’m going to die and they’re just going to stand there and watch. No one cares.

“Oh, are you having a panic attack? Do you need help, or would you prefer to just lie there and die?”
“You’re pathetic.”

Shut up.



“Let’s go, guys, she’ll be fine here on her own.”
I can’t breathe. It’s so cold out here. Someone help me. Anyone.


“How did you get out here?"
Slit your wrists.
Lie there and die.
Jump off a bridge.

“Amanda, can you hear me? Hold on, I’m calling the nurse.”
You’re pathetic.
No one want you here.
No one needs you.

“Just hang on, Amanda.”

They're right.
Give them what they want.
They’re right.
You’re nothing.
A waste.
Give them what they want.

"Mr. and Mrs Hale, the reason why your daughter is developing anxiety problems is that she just doesn't get out enough. She needs to make friends."
I call bullshit.
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