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Come back.

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No one will ever be like they were before.

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Ever since you left, things have been a mess.

Your mum doesn't sleep at night. She lies awake and wonders what life would be like if you were still with her. She blames herself for not seeing that something was wrong until it was too late. Her eyes water every time she steps foot into your untouched room, and she has to turn away. She has to turn away because it hurts. Everything about it hurts.

It's been a year since you've gone-- a full year since she found you face down in a pool of your own blood, a full 365 days since she listened to your breathing stutter and rasp as she screamed out for help, 4380 hours since you died in her arms.... but it really doesn't feel like it. In her mind, it's just happened. She can still hear you, gasping out and whispering for her to just let you go. She can still see you, staring blankly up at her, eyes lids fluttering. You didn't even look afraid. That's what scared her the most really, the fact that you, her baby, her perfect little angel, looked ready, willing to die.

She wishes that someone was there to help her through. But, when you went away, so did your father. You see, he couldn't take seeing all of the heart-break. He couldn't stand having to comfort your mum every night, when he himself was hurting. So, he packed all of his stuff away, and went out the back door while everyone was still asleep. He's somewhere in the next state over, now, completely shit-faced and curled up in a corner of a bar. He doesn't think of you anymore. Well, to be fair, he doesn't really think at all anymore.

Your teachers all miss you. Weird, I know, but every time they come to work, and see your empty chair in the back, they break just a little. They miss your witty replies when you had no clue what the actual answers were. They miss your awkward stares when you dozed off and started to day dream. They just miss the kid that they watched grow up throughout High School.

You're probably wondering about your friends, too. Well. Most of them are okay, now. None of them particularly took things well. Some of them are still coping, wishing that you were still around to give them advice, laugh at jokes with them, or just fucking be there. Your best friend couldn't stand the fact that you left the world without her. You remember all those times she said that she'd die without you? She wasn't lying. Just two nights after you left us, so did she. You probably know this by now because she's probably wherever you are. Everyone knows that you two were always inseparable. Even when you were arguing, you'd stay together. Nothing could keep you apart. Not even death.

This is how things will always be, now that you're gone. No one will ever be like they were before. Because an important soul left the world. Someone very near and dear to them felt like they weren't needed anymore. You felt like you weren't needed, when in reality, you were. You felt like nothing, when in reality, you were everything. When you left us, you took a piece of our lives with you, and we're all trying to fill in the gaps. We're all trying to cope.

Ever since you left, things have been a mess.

I have no idea where this came from. Seriously, I just started to type. Sorry if it's bad. I guess I just needed to let words out.
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