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Concrete Jungle Gym

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“Fine go! No, I mean it. Nobody wants you here, least of all me, so get the fuck out of my life!”

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This is an early GNR formation fic, so expect to see Hollywood Rose and L.A. Guns members pop up. The main pairing you can most likely guess from the first chapter ;) Please let me know what you think! Also as of September 16th I'm rewriting/uploading the chapters to take care of inconsistencies and grammar problems I noticed. I'll upload Chapters 1-9.

“Fine go! No, I mean it. Nobody wants you here, least of all me, so get the fuck out of my life!”

“It doesn’t have to be this way. You can come with me. We can go together.” The voice was a mild reproach.

“No!” Will shoved Jeff against the wall with a dull thud. “Not when you’re taking that slut with you. It was always about you, you never fucking cared about me. Now just take your fucking whore and get the fuck out of my life. I never want to see you again.”
A hard hand fell across Jeffrey’s face leaving a red mark on his cheek branding him with the pain and desire from the last few years. Jeffrey slumped against the wall hand touching his cheek almost tenderly despite the searing rush of heat. Turning his back to the wounded boy, William clutched his shoulders withdrawing into himself. He stared determinedly at the wall, willing the other boy to leave with every fiber of his power.

“Will, please come with me. We can start something great… together.” Jeff stepped forward determined to touch his friend again, fingers twitching in anticipatory desire. William’s body went rigid like a statue as a hiss passed between his poison cherry lips.

“Don’t even fucking touch me, Jeffrey.” The voice was a low fatally demonic pitch. “Because I can’t be held responsible for what I’ll do to you.”

Jeffrey sighed, shoulders rolling back as his hand recoiled. His dark eyes burned into the back of William’s skull. He knew the red head could feel it. He knew he still had at least a feeble connection to one or two of William’s heart strings, but so many of them had already been cut and strewn across the earth. Broken by a town that didn’t let them fully understand what they meant to each other, a town that fought to suppress any expression of feeling that they desired to show each other. Attempts had been made, but they had all ended in disaster. Feelings had been repressed and limbs had been broken along with their hearts.

“Just go,” William hissed, but Jeffrey noticed the tone falter.
Yet, he heeded the wishes of the other boy and silently stalked to the door. His body formed a long black silhouette against the reflected full moon as he paused in the doorframe. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw William scratch his bicep. He knew the red head could feel his gaze.

“I’ll see you again, William.” His voice was a firm haunting declaration, yet it caused a warm rush flood in William’s veins as he heard that rich voice utter his name. “You can count on that.”

William turned in time to see the door slam closed. Walking cautiously to the door, he peered out. Through the finely woven screen he searched the midnight landscape for Jeff, but the drifting shade had long since disappeared. Shaking his head, William closed the door, baring him from the outside world and securing his presence in his own.

His body swayed slowly as he fell against the doorframe. Sadness and anger tumbled in his belly unsure of which would be the victor as his breath hitched. Jeffrey was no longer his. He belonged to the dense unexplored virgin night of Indiana. Where Jeff would go, William had no idea. Yet, Jeffrey had taken a part of him with him, whether William liked it or not.
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