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Come Down From Your Tower

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You aren't any better,when you bully someone.

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Come Down From Your Tower.

How do I put this,in a way you'll understand?
There are so many ways to pour out a heart.
There are so many ways to tell someone,what you feel inside.
So,this is what I'm about to tell you,that girl on the big,high horse.

What's the fun in bullying?
Do you like to cause pain to others?
Do you get glee when they cry?
Do you smile when they say they want to die?

What do you gain,from what you say?
Power? Is that it?
You feel on top of the world,whilst that person is in the depths of misery.
You feel special,like no one is better than you.

Well,someone is better than you.
You're just a small little being,in a big person's body.
You have a shred of confidence that builds when you cause pain to others.
You think you're all powerful,sat behind that keyboard.
You think no one can get to you,but they can.
And we will.

I say,it's time to come down from your tower.
Time to come down from your high horse.
Get away from your bullying,and open your eyes.
People are dying,killing themselves,because of your lies.

So,tell me,how does it feel?
How does it feel to be like you?
I think your mouth should be quiet.
Because it never tells the truth.

So,tell me,so tell me why.
Why does it have to be this way?
Why can't things ever change?

When will things ever change?

(You get a million awesome points if you spotted the SWS references.)
Now,this poem is basically about trolls. (Yes,you know who you are,troll from yesterday..we are judging you..)
I'm not going to let them get to me,anymore.
As beautus quinn (or whatever it is) said 'You write things because you like them.'
That is why I write my poems,and my fics.
Because I love them,they come from the heart.
And,I know you love them too,guys.
Just ignore the illiterate troll,she isn't the queen of ficwad.
Ryan is,and Jazzy is our pope.
What would that make me though?
PS:I found another person who ships Kadie. :)
R&R duckys! xx Sadie
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