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My Chemical Romance: My Journey

by FightingForever 1 review

MY journey through the MCR timeline give it a read and maybe tell me yours...

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Do you remember back when we first met? you told me this gets harder well it did...

Ten years ago, fuck can you belive that? Ten years ago my best friend at the time had an older brother, he was awesome. He came to me and my friend one day and said "Listen to this it will change you..." that was the first time I heard the 'Bullets' album and he wasn't lying, my life did change.

It's funny y'know, I kinda feel as though I've grown up with the band. Through hard times and the good I've stood by them defending their corner as if they were my own family, my blood. In a way I suppose they kind of are. When I felt like I was at rock bottom I would put in an album and scream it out, the music comforting me and promising I wasn't alone in everything I was feeling...that there was others like me.

The first time I got my grubby little hands on 'Revenge' I thought all my christmases had come at once, like I had been given the holy grail. I remember my mother was going out and told me to keep the noise down, I blasted that album at full volume. I screamed along with I'm not okay, I wept to The ghost of you and I felt overwhelmed by Helena. It wasn't until I heard It's not a fashion statement that I truly felt the music though. It was as if every hair on my body stood on end, Every fibre of my being pulsated with the music and I was lost in it.

Those two albums saw me through a whole lot, the torturous and viscious words of the bullies tearing into me every day, the beatings I would endure during school and the constant stream of black eyes and busted grandmothers cancer. Most of all they helped me cope with the crippling and soul tearing lonliness that had begun to devour me. I never had any real friends, they came and went like the fast train, but the music, MCR, stayed and I was so grateful.

My depression had hit an all time high when I heard about 'The Black Parade' I couldn't imagine myself having a future. I didn't realise it at the time but I had a serious mental illness that had gone unnoticed. I walked into the record shop on the day of it's release and bought the first copy, I then walked home and grabbed a great deal of painkillers. I had planned stupidly that I wanted to hear the new album before I died so I put it in and began swallowing pill after pill. I took them with water because I couldn't buy any alcohol, I remember smiling as the album played out and thinking "They can do no wrong..."

Now you may not believe me but it's the truth, I called my cousin who rushed me to the hospital and essentially saved my life why? because as I took the last pills Famous Last Words began to play and as I listened I thought to myself ""What am I doing?" I can't say MCR saved me, I can't say the song did but I can and will say with all my honesty and heart that they helped me save myself and for that I am eternally grateful.

I remember the first time I was lucky enough to see them live, it was one of the greatest days of my entire existense. The whole crowd was pumping their fists in the air and as one we sang every single word. Gerard was electric, the crowd going wild as he strutted across the stage. Frank was all over the place, one second he was there the next he was across the other end of the stage. It was amazing! Mikey couldn't be there but Ray and that magnificent fro was incredible, you could feel every strum of his guitar and he never missed a beat. I didn't think it possible but I had fallen even more in love with them.

I have never metioned this before on here or anywhere really but I have a kid. His name is Anthony and he is a tiny little MCRmy member, he was named after Frank Anthony Thomas Iero. I gave birth to him on the 9th of April 2009. Gerards birthday. After 3 long days in labour I was finally in the delivery suite. I was told I could take any CD with me to play so I would feel more relaxed, I took 'Revenge' and it played on a loop until finally Anthony came into the world during Helena and that is why it will now and forever be my favourite track.

When 'Danger Days' came out I was utterly and completley blown away by it, It was magical. It felt as though all the darkness had been stripped away and finally some light was allowed inside. It was new territory and I couldn't get enough. The colours and the happiness of it all made me smile and feel like anything was possible. I loved everything about it. I saw them again on their world contamination tour and was blown away all over again, I will admit I was also filled with pride. It felt like they had taken a huge and risky leap but it paid off. They had embraced the fear and took a chance.

I loved 'Conventional Weapons' as much as all the other but I feel like I've been rambling so I will get to my point...

I was heartbroken when I heard the news, it felt like my guts had been ripped out. Like my heart had been shattered into a thousand tiny pieces. I cried, I cried for hours but then something hit me. I was there...

I was witness to the ride of a lifetime of a band who started out in the smallest way possible. A band who had a vision to change the world through music, to save lives and give hope to thousands of misunderstood kids out there. To be the voice of the misfits and those who don't fit in. I feel I can honestly say without a doubt that they have succeeded in their mission.

I salute you all, it has been an honour and a true privelage to be classed as part of this amazing army. I will still march on as an MCRmy member and will never stop fighting for what this band stood for. This is not the end, this is the begining of something truly amazing. This is our chance to use the message this band has bistowed on us and perhaps one day they'll reform and we can turn to our children and say "They saved me, they blessed me with the chance to have you..."

Thank you My Chemical Romance for everything you have done, its sad to see this end but I refuse to say goodbye instead I will say see ya later because maybe one day down the line MCR will return and save a new generation. I wish them every ounce of luck in the world in everything you do.

I hope you tell me about your journeys in the reviews section...

I will keep on marching
I will keep singing it out
I will keep running

The world is ugly, but you're beautiful to me

My heart is broken, but the MCRmy will always be a part of me

This is FightingForever signing off but I won't be gone because I'm gonna make sure the MCR spirit is gonna live on

Peace out xo
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