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Cross My Heart,Hope To Die

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Gerard and Frank are in love but for how long. A young fan comes in to stir things up in there relationship.

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Cross my heart hope to die.

Chapter 1;

I brushed my hand through his soft jet black hair.
"It's gonna be okay Gee,I promise!" I whispered into his ear,hoping that it would. I didn't actually know if it was or not. I just hoped that it would be.
"But you don't know that for sure. No one knows,I would rather just know if I'm going to die or not." He said a little angry. "I know its not your fault Frank but,I'm scared that's all.. I don't want to lose you."
I didn't really listen to what Gerard was saying. I felt like I was being watched. It was kind of freaky. I turned from the white hospital wall to the huge hospital door. I saw a flicker through the dusty blinds.
"Sorry,I'll be right back." I said standing up away from the very uncomfortable hospital bed.
"Okay." Gerard sighed.
I knew he didn't want me to leave but I've always been a curious person. If something strange happened I've always had to investigate. I've been like it since I was a child. I covered my hand with my sleeve opening the hospital door. I didn't want the hospital germs. I walked into the horrid smelling corridor. It smelt like death soup. I saw a body run down the end of the corridor. I followed..him,her? I had no idea. I got to the end and saw a blonde girl with blue eyes kind of shaking.
"Erm,hey chicken..were you looking into my friends room just?" I asked still very curious.
"Yes..I'm so sorry you see I am a huge fan and I heard you and Gerard were here and I don't live that far away..God I sound like a idiot. You see you guys are my idols! I had to meet you!"
I smiled. I loved meeting fans but I guess this wasn't the right time.
"I'll tell you what,I'm a bit busy at the moment but what about if you come to this place tomorrow night?" I said taking out a scrap piece of paper and a Guns And Roses pen. I quickly jotted down my address.
"Oh my god! This is a dream!" She said and hugged me.
I tapped her on her bright blonde head.
"See you then!" She said smiling.
"Yeah,see you then.."
I turned round to see Gerard staring out his room. Looking out the window through the blinds. He dropped them and walked away.
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