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Bunny Ears

by AxleaRose 1 review

Duff's surprise for Izzy. Drabble. Enjoy!

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Izzy grumbled silently as he felt the frame creak and moan beneath him as someone leapt onto the already broken bed he shared with Duff. Said blonde shuffled until they were close enough to share body heat and leant over his back, breath tickling the guitarist’s ear unperturbed by the determination with which the brunette kept his eyes shut “Izzy”. The other ignored him, merely acknowledging that he’d heard him by tugging the quilt closer and refusing to move even as Duff’s chilled hand crept under the quilt and stroked his side all the while repeated his name breathily, placing soft butterfly kisses along his jaw and exposed shoulder “Izz…” Izzy sighed before cracking an eye open slightly before blinking in shock and pain as the tattered curtain couldn’t block out the bright sun as he took in the blonde’s appearance. Black whiskers had been drawn onto his smooth cheeks with freckles and a black triangle balancing on the end of his nose, all drawn, no doubt, with his or Axl’s eyeliner. White cuffs fastened with plastic carrot buttons decorated his wrists; a black bowtie adorned his slim neck whilst a fluffy white puffball tail had been pinned to black skin-tight boxer shorts. Finishing off the outfit a pair of fluffy white and pink bunny ears sat atop the blonde’s wavy hair
“What the hell are you wearing?!” he exclaimed as the bassist’s hand slid onto his thigh
“I’m your Easter bunny” Duff told him, hand slipping to stroke under the waistband of Izzy’s boxers “I’ve come to deliver your Easter surprise” he murmured, hints of a grin on pink lips before he moved in to fasten them over the shocked brunette’s.

Happy Easter! x
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