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Fuck The World

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I mean sure, Gerard and I hung out a couple times and held hands and okay that fucking adorable time when he fell and I tried to help but we ended up falling together but I mean there’s technical...

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Frank’s point of view

Two Weeks Later (yes because I take too fucking long to actually move on from the first day)

“Frank I need you to talk to me.” Travis said in a stern voice.
“Yeah?” I asked distractedly.
“Seriously, what the fuck is going on? One minute we’re a couple. The next your fucking a blushy and shit with Gerard. I need you to be fucking honest… please.”
“There’s nothing going on with Gerard. I swear.”
Fucking liar.
Shut up. I’m not lying.
Course not, that’s why you won’t mention the holding hands and going to get ice cream.
“Frank, be honest, I’m fucking begging you here. Could you at least give me that much? To be honest with me?”
“Nothing has happened. He’s just my friend.”
Travis nods slowly, and then leans in to kiss me. “Okay, I believe you.”
I mean sure, Gerard and I hung out a couple times and held hands and okay that fucking adorable time when he fell and I tried to help but we ended up falling together but I mean there’s technically nothing going on.
Seriously. We’ve only known each other for what a week? What kind of person do you think I am?
A manwhore who thinks about some guy while his boyfriend kisses him.
And why would you be offended?
Because okay maybe it’s not right to think about Gerard right now but I’m thinking about how we’re not a couple.
If that’s what let’s you sleep at night, then fine.
“Travis? Can you pick me up tomorrow? Mom’s probably going to hate me for staying at yours tonight, so I want to save the bitching for later.”
“Okay sure. “ he smiles. “Can we order pizza instead of cooking? I mean you suck at cooking” I punch him lightly, and he laughs “And I suck at cooking so let’s just order in?”
“Sure but make sure its no meat and only-“
“Onion and extra cheese. I know.” He smiles.
Literally what the fuck are you doing? Your fucking throwing away the best relationship you’ve ever had for some guy you just met. Travis is literally probably the only who gives a fuck about you. When your mom’s drunk and mad at you, you come running to Travis. When your dad stops by sometimes and gets mad at you and throws away your CD’s you come to Travis, who may I add fucking replaces most of them.
I know that okay. I know how fucking awesome he is but seriously can it hurt to get close to Gerard?
Yes it can fucking hurt! It can hurt Travis! And then you won’t have anyone who will give a fuck about you.
“Frankie! You got ten cents on you?” Travis yells cutting through my thoughts.
“The pizzas here already?” I ask shocked, it's been like what 10 minutes?
“Well yeah there’s one like two blocks over I’m just too lazy to get up and actually get it. But do you have ten cents?”
“Oh um shit, let me go find me backpack.”
“It’s in my room, on the bed.”
I go to his room and sure enough there it is.
“I’ve got a quarter that good?” I yell.
“Yeah sure!”
I run back out and give him the quarter, hopping on his back in the process, because fuck it, that’s why.
He laughs and adjusts me so I won’t fall, and I give him a kiss on his cheek.
Then I look out at the pizza delivery person.
Just fucking great.
“Hey Frank.” He says emotionlessly.
“Oh uh hey Mikey.”
He nods thoughtfully for a moment, “So I’m guessing you’re not that into Gerard anymore?” he raises an eyebrow.
“What? Mikey wait!” Before I can get off of Travis, Mikey’s already getting his car and driving away to deliver the next pizza.
“What was that about?” Travis asks.
“Oh, he’s Gerard’s brother, he’s been kind of a dick to me since I accidentally got him and Bob into a fight.” I sigh. “Can we just eat? I’m starving.”
“Yeah sure.”
Mikey’s and Bob’s relationship has been kind of weird, apparently they knew each other back in elementary and liked each other but never had the balls to say it and last week they bumped into each other at the mall and started talking, then finally came clean and ta-fucking-da then they were dating.
I didn’t mean to say that maybe Bob’s ex girlfriend and him still looked like a cute couple, it just came out. And then Mikey was pissed, and he started assuming I meant that Bob still had feelings for her and blah blah blah… argument.
“So what do you wanna watch?” Travis asks.
“Anything with killing in it.” I shrug.
“You’re so fucking adorable, and then when you get to know you, you’re a fucking psychopath.”
“Awww thanks Travis, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.” I roll my eyes.

NEXT DAY (TADA WE ARE MOVING FAST NOW, seriously I spent like what 10 chapters on one day?)

“Hey Mikey?” I ask tapping on his shoulder.
“I just want to clear something up, Travis and I aren’t dating, okay? I do like Gerard, I’m just sort of confused.”
“Okay whatever, I didn’t tell him about it, so I guess your fine.” He shrugs and turns back around to listen to another lecture from Ms. Adams, about how cell phones are not to be used in class because they interrupt children’s learning and how they corrupt your brain, nice rhyming skills you old hag.

When lunch comes around Gerard comes to find me from my class and walks with me to my locker.
“So uh I was wondering if you wanted to come over today, we could order pizza and watch a movie, Mikey works at a pizza place now so I get a discount.”
“Actually I did that yesterday… and now my mom’s pissed cause I didn’t get home till the morning.”
“Oh, with who?”
His smile fades and he slowly gets it.
“Oh uh cool. Yeah I need to go talk to Scarlet, I’ll see you later.” He walks off and begins to talk to Scarlet.
Ever since the fight outside the ice cream shop she’s been kind of weird. She stopped talking to the jocks and started talking to Gerard again.
She still doesn’t talk to me of course.
But I don’t want her to any way.
“Hey Frankie? Have you seen Ellie?” Ray asked.
“Shit I just saw her in class but I have no idea where she went sorry Ray.”
He shrugged "it’s cool I’ll find her later.” He smiled his huge ass smile.
Ellie and Ray have been hanging out more, I don’t think they’re a couple yet BUT ITS GONNA HAPPEN I CAN FEEL IT.
Physic now, are we?
Fuck you, they like each other.
So do you and Gerard, you gana ask him out?
No, because I have Travis, and I’m perfectly fucking okay with that.
Sure you are. Is that why you’re staring at Scarlet and Gerard?
Fuck you.
That is masturbation Frank.
“Frank? Are we gana go?” Ray asks.
“Go where?”
“… Lunch?”
“Fuck sorry, I’m just-“
“Too distracted by Gerard and Scarlet. I get it dude, it’s cool. You should go talk to him, I thought you guys were getting somewhere.”
“It’s just some stupid shit, don’t worry about it.”
We began walking and eventually Gerard stopped talking the fucking skank queen and walked with us.
“Gerard are you like mad at me or something?”
“What, no.”
“Really cause usually by this time you would’ve at least offered me a drink or something.”
“I’m not mad, why would I be mad.”
I sighed, “okay if you say so. Oh and do you still wana hang out afterschool?”
He smiled a bit and said “Sure, I’d love to Frankie.”
“Cool, but at mine, cause my mom will kill me if I’m gone another night.”
“Ok sure. We can walk back to yours.”
I bit my lip ring and smiled.

Right after the last class of the day I walk over to Gerard’s locker and wait for him there.
A few minutes pass by and I still don’t see him.
Suddenly a pair of cold hands grab my head and turn it around to face him.
“Hey asshole what took you so long.”
“Oh, fucking great. Today?”
“I said I had something important to do so she let me go until tomorrow.”
“Cool.” I raise my hand and offer it to him, “Shall we go?”
“Fuck yeah.” He grabs it and squeezes it. (I am such a child, I have been laughing at this for 15 minutes.)
We walk out of the building hand in hand talking about how our day went when I hear a beep come from a car.
I look up and see Travis, looking at Gerard and me.
I quickly let go of his hand and run towards the car.
“You fucking lied. to my face. I can’t fucking believe you.”
“No Travis it’s no-“
He drives off leaving me talking to myself.

Yay, I updated.
I'm stupid and you hate me, I know.
But I wrote a new story if that helps?¿?¿
If you haven't read it please check it out?
P.S. I might change the title? I'm thinking The Endless Drama of a Teenager I don't know I just don't like the name. Any opinions?
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