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The Diary

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Bleeding onto these pages.. [Edited]

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Sitting on the floor,
with the discarded remains of my life around me,
and the crumpled, torn paper,
heavy with the weight of years of emotion,
that bleeds out of me onto the pages
of the diary,
and as I cry,
tears of longing for the life I used to love,
the person I used to be,
the paper soaks up my sorrow,
my regret and despair,
and i'm left, wordless,
drowning in my own thoughts,
every feeling, every hope
every not-another-fucking-disappointment,
but I never wish to change it,
I don't want to rewrite the past,
so now I rip it up,
throw it away,
to become myself again

This is totally unrelated to the poem, and probably isn't relevant to anyone who'll read this, but I'm so inspired and excited right now I need to say something or I might actually implode. O.o
If you have never watched, or even heard of, the tv show MASH, go away and google that shit right now, and if you can (idk try to watch it online or hell, just buy the dvd off ebay) watch it. It is literally one of the best shows ever.
Seriously if you like inspirational characters, subtle humour and war/medical stuff it is perfect.
And can I just take a moment to appreciate the absolute genius that is Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda omg). He kind of reminds me of Gerard Way, in a weird, twisted kind of way, but he's such an inspiration, that character is seriously one of my heroes.

So yeah.. mash ftw. :3

~Blondie x
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