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So everyone used The A Team by Ed Sheeran for their presentations one day and it was stuck in my head the whole day so I wrote this, It's pretty much done except not really? I mean if you want to continue it go ahead, but I'm done with it, so yeah.

“Dammit I’m so fucking late again.” Gerard cursed to himself as he basically ran up the subway stairs, running past an old lady in the process. “Fuck sorry!” he yelled back at her.

He ran for about a mile, which wasn’t very easy to do with tight jeans and an even tighter leather jacket.

He slowed down when his work place came into view. He decided to look around at his surroundings to make sure he hadn’t run anyone over or anything.

That’s when he noticed a small boy, no older than 16, with an emotionless face as he walked out of an apartment building. The boy had hickeys all over his neck and was counting money in his hand. He looked up and his eyes locked with Gerard’s. A single tear rolled down the side of his face. He turned away and began to walk, his jeans had holes on the knees and he had a stretched out sleeveless black shirt. Gerard then realized that it was too cold to be out without a jacket.

He ran across the street, almost getting run over by a car in the process. The man in the car flipped Gerard off and continued to drive away. He ran towards the boy.

“Gerard!” someone yelled from across the street. He turned around to see Ray, his coworker beckoning him to come over. “You’re really late man! Matt’s pissed already!”

Gerard contemplated skipping work to follow his mysterious boy but decided against it, his job was already on thin ice after being caught stealing the office’s supplies, but in his defense those were damn good pencils.

He ran back across the street and greeted Ray. He turned around to notice the boy was now full on sobbing while walking with his hands covering his face as he walked blindly. He could hear his chocked sobs and his heart dropped.

“Gee you okay?” Ray asked.

“Ye-yeah.” Gerard answered.

He walked into his boss’s office, prepared to face whatever yells he would get thrown his way.


It had been 3 weeks since he saw that boy, but his eyes were still fresh in his mind, he could still hear the choked sobs that the boy let out.

The thought of him made Gerard beat himself up over how he should have followed that boy.

He was demoted that day for his recurring tardiness; he had to work fewer hours now. It meant he could take his time walking to and from work. But it also meant less money.

One night while he walked slowly back from a hard day at work he heard someone playing guitar on the street.

He looked over and saw the same boy from 3 weeks ago, same clothes but now had an old jacket on him and different worn out converses. The jacket slid from his shoulders along with his shirt as he played, revealing bony shoulders that had way too many scars on them.

Gerard thought he played guitar beautifully. Suddenly he stopped, he put the guitar in its case and hugged it tightly. He sat there like that for a while until he broke down, his eyes filled with tears and he pushed his guitar away bringing his knees up to hug them. That’s when Gerard noticed a backpack next to him, along with two more bags.

Gerard saw the young boy bring his hand up to his mouth to stop himself from releasing too much noise. He was crying, no more than crying. He was sitting there trying to hold back his tears but couldn’t. He covered his face in his hands.

Gerard stood there watching all this only a couple steps away. As if the boy noticed that, he immediately looked up at Gerard, he wiped away his tears frantically and gathered all his belongings. He stood up quickly with all his things and walked away, bumping into Gerard in the process.

Gerard stood for a moment in shock and then noticed that the boy had left his wallet, if you could even call it that, it was so torn and old that it was mostly just tape. He walked towards it and picked it up. It had funny writing on it that said, “Frank”. He put it in his pocket and continued his walk home.


On Saturday night, 4 days after he had seen the boy, Frank, breakdown in front of him, everyone around him noticed how different he was acting.

“Gee? You okay bro?” Mikey asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” It was their code for ‘nothing you can help with.’ Mikey nodded understanding.

“Well how about we go out tonight, my friend found this club, they say a lot of hookers hang out around there, would you like that?” Gerard found the thought of hookers quite disturbing; first off he was gay so that didn’t make it any easier on him. Mikey noticed this and quickly added “Some guys too.”

Gerard thought about the last time he had gotten laid, it was weeks- no months ago, and maybe he did need a night out.

He eventually agreed and they made their way towards the club. As soon as they got there Gerard noticed Frank. The small boy was hugging his small frame; he had eyeliner on, along with different clothes, black skinny jeans and a tight fitting Black Flag t-shirt.

Gerard’s eyes locked on him and Mikey noticed, “like him?” he nodded stupidly. “I’ll go ask how much he charges.” Gerard was too wrapped up in watching Frank that it took him a while to realize what Mikey had said.

“No wait! No!” He pulled Mikey back by his hoodie.

“What? I thought you liked him.”

Gerard sighed, “I do… but not like that. I don’t just want to pay him to fuck him, Mikey. Jesus you know me, I would never do that.”

"So what's the plan then?"


Gerard shyly walked over towards Frank. "H-hey." He waved. The boy looked up, startled.

"Hi." His voice was high but croaky.

"I was wondering if you wanted to have a drink with me?" He asked, blushing insanely.

Frank pursed his lips, thinking about the offer until he eventually nodded.

Gerard smiled wide and led him into the club giving Mikey a thumbs up as he went in.

"So what's your name? " Gerard asked.

Frank looked anywhere but him.

"Okay then...“ He mumbled.

Moments passed before either of them said anything, and it was starting to get a whole new level of awkward.

“I like your shirt by the way..."

The boy's eyes snapped up to meet Gerard's to see any sign of lying.

Gerard smiled and unzipped his jacket to reveal a different Black Flag t-shirt.

Frank visibly got more relaxed, and smiled a bit as they sat down in one of the booths.

"So do you want anything to eat or drink?"

Frank shook his head but looked longingly at the basket of french fries they had on the table next to them.

Gerard ordered some and two bottles of coke.

Frank looked confused as to why this man was being nice to him. Maybe he just wanted really good sex.

"I've seen you before." Frank stated.

"Yes, you have. "

"The first time I had woken up in a client's bed, and the second time I hadn't been able to pay my rent and was kicked out."

"Why do you do this?" Gerard asked.

"I... I was cut from my family for being gay at age 14." He played with his hands.

"How old are you?"


They talked for a long time, until Gerard's phone wrang.

"Sorry it's probably my brother asking where the hell I am."

Frank smiled, as he heard Gerard begin to talk "No dumbass I was not kidnapped, no seriously Michael shut the fuck up... I have my own house thank you very much... No wait what? Oh definitely Black Sabbath, or wait-" he held the phone away from his mouth," who's better Danzig or Black Sabbath?"

Frank pretended to think about it," Danzig, definitely."

Gerard raised his eyebrows, "he said Danzig, no I'm not going to marry him Jesus Christ Mikey. Okay see you sometime tomorrow and if you come to my house... BRING YOUR OWN FOOD."

Gerard hung up and put his phone away and saw Frank giggling, he thought it was the cutest thing he'd ever seen or heard.

"My names Paul." He said after he had settled down.

Gerard didn't believe him but smiled, " I meant real name but if you want me to know you by Paul then hey Paul I'm Gerard."
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