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It Never Hurts To Try

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Ryden(or if you prefer to call it rydon) with several other cameos. Brendon likes prettyboy Ryan but Ryan's straight. What will he do to get Ryan to be his? Highschool AU some parts will probab...

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"But why!?" Brendon Blinked back tears as he tried to compose himself. 

"Shh Brendon it'll be okay. It's just a boy, i promise!" No matter how hard he tried, Patrick couldnt calm Brendon down. He was a wreck, and it was all over some junior guy who had flippy hair and was good on guitar. 

"It's not just some boy trick, its Ryan Ross! And that stupid whore Ashlee is with him! Why does he have to  like girls?!" Brendon pouted before slamming his face into the lunch table. 

As if out of nowhere, Pete came slamming his lunch tray next to Patrick, "Trick,Trick look!!" he beamed. "I STOLE some panties from the girls locker room!" He held up his hand, showing off the black lacey underwear. 

Soon enough the rest of their friends filled into the booth; Frank, Gerard, Andy, 'Lyn-z', and lastly Mikey and Alicia. 

"Would you believe it?" Alicia said in a shushed voice,  "Some creep stole my underwear from the locker room when i was in the shower!" Pete turned bright red. 

"Does that mean you're not.. Wearing underwear?" Mikey said with a smirk. 

"Nope." she replied
"Come over after school today then." Mikey whispered in her ear, followed by them full on making out at the table in front of everyone. 

Patrick sighed heavily. Why is he friends with all the crazy people?!
"What the hell!" Brendon yelled as he kicked his locker. He had been vandalized; in pink and purple the word 'FAGGOT' had been scrawled largely. He was going to be in suck trouble if principal Armstrong saw this! He pretended it wasn't there as he opened the locker to grab his books for his next class. Brendon took what he needed and started off to his biology class. It was the one class he had with Ryan. Well, they took gym and band together but Brendon didn't count either of those as classes, more like extras. He could work with Ryan in that class at least. Not like Ryan was his lab partner though. But Brendon had hope for this semester, they had to pick new partners, and Ryan's friend Alex Gaskarth was not there. 
"Okay class, as you know we are switching partners. You have about...3 minutes to find a partner and table. Go!" presented Mr. Toro. Brendon shuffled over to Ryan quickly as possible. 

"Hi, um I'm Brendon. Do you, you know, like, um, need a partner?" he sputtered in a wishful tone. 

"Uh, yeah I guess so. Sure." Ryan replied in a state which was both confused and scared. No one has ever asked to be his partner. Especially people he didn't know! The two boys looked for an empty table; spotting one in the middle back. Perfect. Pretty soon everyone was at a table with a partner of some sort. Mr. Toro immediately began the lesson, but Brendon didn't pay attention, nor did he care. He was to busy fantasizing about Ryan. Ryan on the other hand was tabbing out a song in his journal. Brendon wanted to get to know Ryan, so he opened his book to a blank page and scrawled a message to Ryan. 

hey, aren't you In the band? he pushed the notebook so it was just in the corner of Ryan's view, making him curious to read it. 

oh yeah i am r u?

yeah i play the trumpet

cool. i play the bass

how? ur pretty short man XD

oh stop it! im not that short!!!!

okay fine. at least u rnt as short as my friend gerards boyfriend frank iero. do u kno him?

gerards the creepy long haired trombone player right? 


then no i dont know him. 

well then way to be abrupt

that's my main skill im also pretty good with face makeup

really? u like makeup?

yeah y not? its cool
Brendon's heart skipped a beat. What if Ryan was bisexual? He'd probably say no but it wouldn't hurt to ask right?

thats really cool. by any chance do you do your girlfriends makeup?

i dont have a girlfriend actually

oh wait do you have like a boyfriend then?

oh um no im single ha and im straight. 

ohh okay

do you have a girlfriend?

um no i prefer boys actually....

oh sorry i didnt know then do you have a boyfriend?

no i wish i did but the guy i like doesnt like me back sadly

oh sorry to hear that :C 

its alright

Ryan hid the note in the table compartment as Mr. Toro passed out their assignment worksheets. The two worked the remaining twenty minutes or so of class, making small talk and getting to know each other. Well, Ryan talked, Brendon pretended to listen when at the same time he stared and imagined what Ryan's lips might taste like. 

But it all came to an end too soon. The bell rang, Ryan said goodbye and he would see Brendon around. 
"You're a cool dude Bren. You know that? Is it okay if I call you Bren for short?" Ryan smiled. Brendon looked like he was going to faint. Ryan had one of those smiles that was both knee and heart melting. His pretty eyes glistened as if they were smiling too. 
"Y-yeah, sure totally. I like that" Brendon blushed before waving goodbye as Ryan left. 

"Oh my god! I have to tell Trick!" Brendon ran out of the room-but not before being tripped by an out-of-place lab stool- to reach his best friend. 
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