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Cocoa in the cold

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This is just kind of setting up the next chapter. No warnings here!:D

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A/N: Hi! :D chapter two is now here! Number three is in progress an it should be up by this Wednesday April twenty-whatever-the-date-is. I really hope you guys enjoy the story. A big thanks to sam for the rate!:D please remember to R,R&R for me if you like it. I always love getting feedback! Now enough babbling from m here's chamber TWO!!!

"And he's so much cuter up close! I'm like the luckiest guy ever, man, Ryan Ross!" Brendon babbled as he and Patrick inched into the bleachers. 

"That's great Bren, awesome." Pat mumbled. 

"Are you even listening?" Brendon sighed. Patrick, in fact, was not. His eyes were glued to Pete who was out on the football field. Today was the championship game. Pete was in his bear mascot costume running around cheerleaders. Patrick just could not resist staring at his beautiful boyfriend. 

"I can't lie. You know that. I am not what-so-ever. If you like him so much ask him out." Patrick confessed. 

"He's straight Trick. Wow you really weren't listening."

"Does he have a girlfriend?" 


"Then go for it. I gotta go get in my uniform for band. Later Bren." Patrick got up smiled and left, leaving Brendon alone on the bleachers in the freezing cold. Alone and conflicted he got up to get a drink to warm up. 

As he walked to he concession stand he spotted Ryan working the shop. Butterflies began to form in his stomach. What was he going to do now? Nobody else was there so why not? This was his chance. He smiled his go-getting smile and sauntered over as best he could in the freezing cold over to the stand. 

"Hey. Can I get a some cocoa?" he smiled at Ryan.
"Uh sure-oh! Hey Bren!" Ryan smiled his heart-crumbling-knee-weakening smile he had as he turned from the machine. "What brings you to the game? I've never seen you here before."

"Oh I'm always here. My friend is in the band and his boyfriend is the mascot. I usually don't come to the concession stand." he giggled feeling the butterflies flipping his stomach. Damn things, nothing cute about that! 

"Really? I've never seen you here. I'm always working this place for some extra cash. At least it's warm!" he laughed. Brendon felt like he could squeal because Ryan's smile was the cutest thing he'd ever seen. 

"Well aren't you lucky! It's freezing over here!" 

"Well I'm pretty lonely, why don't you come and hang over here with me?" Brendon froze. What was he supposed to say? Before he could even answer, Ryan opened the door and motioned for him to come in. Smiling, he shuffled in. 

"Oh my god it's so warm in here!" Feeling the heat to his face. Ryan shut the door behind them. 

"It's nice ain't it? Want me to take your coat?" Ryan took Brendon's coat and hung it on a hook next to the black leather jacket that was probably his own. 

"So what is it like working concessions? Get paid much?" Brendon asked. 

"Not really, nobody ever really buys anything so it's no more that $20 a week. I actually work at this coffee place. Im in a band."

"Really!? That's cool! I wish I was in a band. I work at Starbucks."

"I love Starbucks!" 

"Well my friends and I are going to get some coffee after the game, do you, like, wanna go with us?" Brendon's voice quivered a bit, nervous to hear Ryan's answer. 

"Sure, that'd be cool. I don't have anything else tonight." he smiled and gave a mug of cocoa to Brendon. This was going to be a good night. 


"Trick, Pete, this is my friend Ryan. Ryan, this is Patrick and Pete." Brendon introduced his best friends to Ryan. "Um Pete? Where's Frank and Gerard?"

"They'll be here, late but here as always!" Pete giggled wrapping his arm around Patrick who was smiling like he just got laid, which, there was no way to prove he wasn't because Pete's face matched. 

The four boys grabbed the corner booth that fit about 8 people. Gerard and Frank showed up about 5 minutes later with Mikey, Alicia and Lyn-z. 

William, the waiter brought them all coffees, but was one short. "Whose the new guy?" he had asked. 
"This is my friend Ryan." Brendon did his best not to blush. William laughed at him and brought a coffee for Ryan. 

"So, who are you?" Mikey asked. 

"I'm Ryan Ross. Im Bren's lab partne in biology and I play the bass in the school band." He charmed. 

"Hey I know you!" Gerard shouted, "You were the guy who had to put the phonebook on his chair so he could play last year!" he laughed. 

"And you look like you want to suck someones blood. Your point?" Ryan joked back. 

"I like him. Can we keep him Tricky?" Pete beamed. 

"Pete, he's not an animal. It's up to him wether he's going to hang with us or not." Patrick face-palmed. 

"Well you do fit in well!" lyn-z agreed. 

Brendon's friends made Ryan smile. "Ha, sure you can 'keep' me." Brendon smiled and blushed. Everyone else laughed at him. 


"It was really nice meeting your friends Bren. thank you." Ryan gave another smile that melted hearts and took all the strength from your knees. 

"Oh, it-it was no problem. You're um, always welcome to come with us places." He sputtered watching his friends leave and seeing Patrick wave for him to hurry.

"Actually, I was wondering if you'd like to see my band tomorrow? Were playing at the rock box." 

Bremdon blushed and looked away to hide it. "Awesome! What time?"

"6:30, I can pick you up though."

"Oh that'd be even more awesome!" He scrawled his address on some paper in his pocket and handed it to Ryan. They said goodbyes and left. Brendon, screaming like a girl the entire home ride. 
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