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    (#) gemiam 2013-04-21 03:50:59 PM

    You're not even gonna stay and read?

    Author's response

    It already feels like that's all I'm here for. Even though I do write nobody bothers to read my work and just leaves me to read theirs.
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    (#) gemiam 2013-04-21 03:56:07 PM

    I've read some of your work, just not the fanfiction. I'm kinda nervous about reviewing people's work because I don't want to make them angry or something.

    Author's response

    It's nice to hear that you've read some of my work but I just don't feel I'm good enough to be on this site anymore.
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    (#) gemiam 2013-04-21 03:58:27 PM

    What do you mean by that?

    Author's response

    I feel like the reason nobody reads my work is because it's not good enough. Everyone else on here has so much talent in writing and poetry while I'm just kind of there to leave a review and remind them how good they are at what they do.
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    (#) ColorfulShadow 2013-04-21 04:01:44 PM

    :( We're gonna miss you.
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    (#) gemiam 2013-04-21 04:02:39 PM

    I think you're pretty good. If you don't think you're good enough, don't stop. Practice can make you better or more confident. Talk to some of the authors you like and ask them how they make a story or a poem.

    Author's response

    Thanks for saying that. I'll consider coming back after a while but I just don't think I can face this again.
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    (#) ColorfulShadow 2013-04-21 04:04:57 PM

    I agree with Gem. Practice makes perfect. I mean, writers tend to get write their stories mixed with their own ideas and part of someone else's ideas. And if you plan on coming back with some work, I will read them.

    Author's response

    I'll consider it but I don't see the point in me coming back. If nobody read them in the first place there's not much point in me trying to change that
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    (#) CarcinoGeneticist 2013-04-21 04:39:07 PM

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.


    Do you think I'm any good? Hell no! I suck! I can't write an original story to save my life, I lost two chapters for good, and I write about shit that nobody cares about! Nobody on here reads Homestuck, but like hell that'll stop me! I keep going, because it's fun. And because I can.
    So sit down and pen something great.

    Author's response

    Because you may not care what people think but to me that is all I have ever cared about. I wish I didn't but all I care about is getting peoples approval. If I don't I feel like I have failed. I'm not a very confident person ok and that is just me.

    Shouting at me through a website to get some self esteem is hardly going to change that.
    Telling me to go and write something good isn't going to automatically give me the confidence to write again and produce something amazing.
    So tell me why are you suddenly wanting me to write again if earlier you told me I had no original ideas and that my stories are nothing special?
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    (#) ItsMyVendetta 2013-04-21 04:58:23 PM

    Nobody reads my work and everyone ignores me, but I write here because it's a way to show my creativity, and show a side of myself that nobody else in reality knows about. Writing is special, and if you've done it for so long, why stop because you're not getting poxy reviews? It's not worth it. People write for themselves and not for anyone else. Don't stop. Please.

    Author's response

    Writing used to be something I did to express myself but when I started getting more into it people told me I should make a career out of it. If I want to be able to do that I'll need peoples approval and opinions on how I can improve my work. I can't do that if I'm ignored now can I? So I don't see the point in making a career out of something I'm clearly not good at.
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    (#) ItsMyVendetta 2013-04-21 05:27:35 PM

    I read all of your stuff. You're even on my alerts so I know when you upload/update. I don't review a lot, but I will review now if you'll stay. I think you're really talented, and it's like starting out in any creative career; nobody notices and you slowly build up recognition. Please stay.

    Author's response

    That means a lot to me, really it does. It's also nice to meet another Scottish Ficwaddian for once. I'm considering leaving for a few months or so so I can do my exams and then maybe in summer I can get back into writing. But I'll have to wait until then to decide
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    (#) CarcinoGeneticist 2013-04-21 05:33:58 PM

    Your ideas were nothing special. But everyone writes terrible things every now and again.
    Why'm I encouraging you?
    You've got potential.

    You're gonna be great one day. Who're you writing for, exactly? Yourself? Or everyone else on here? Writing professionally doesn't mean you need other people's approval, y'know.
    And who said anything about changing your style? Sure, it ain't drop-dead all-out sicktastic, but your style's fine. You just need some good ideas. Easier said than done, neh?

    Author's response

    I'm leaving myself the choice to either just stop writing or wait until after my exams and start writing again in the summer. Hopefully by then I can focus on getting better at it but until then it's all school for me.

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