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A system failiure for the masses, this is the end.

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California 2019. I've given up. The Killjoys are gone. Save yourselves...I can't hold them back any more

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This arrogant prairie will be the end of me
spoils my fun, spoils my...fucking hell
I think they spiked the sun with ecstasy
it’s hard to tell
through this blinding costume mask
all I see is dirt
all I breathe is dust
the endlessness, the agelessness
I'm delirious
they said they'd be back
only for a while
only for a little fucking while
when darkness falls the white angels come
guns ready
eyes bright,vacant
the void they filled with perfection
when we ran
when we

breathe. run. breathe. stop. breathe. run. breathe.

the evacuation was unsuccessful
hopelessly d...del...delightful
the end of everything
so we ran
oh, we ran
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