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A Trophy Father's Trophy Son

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A son's last note to his father. *Inspired By: A Trophy Father's Trophy Son by Sleeping With Sirens*

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A Trophy Father's Trophy Son

Father, Father, tell me,
Where have you been?
I've been missing you so bad,
Yet, you don't seem to care.

I've been waiting, Father,
To see you once again.
To see you, before you messed up,
Happy, like you were.

Why did you have to go, Father?
Was it something I did,
Did I make a mistake?
Was I not the child you wanted?
The perfect child you would adore.

I'm not like them, you know,
Like my brothers you so adore.
I'm not like my sister either,
The mature one, who you praise.

I'm me, Father,
The youngest child, small and fragile.
Easily broken, and mentally scarred,
From all the trauma, the trauma you caused.

Well, I give in Father,
I am done with trying.
I'm not who you want me to be,
I won't be loved like my brothers and sister.
I'm frowned upon, I feel it,
Shamed by the family,
Never getting that trust back.
Never regaining the love.

Father, I see Death arriving,
At my bedroom door.
He greets me with open arms,
Like the father I so want.
I am gone Father, but just remember,
I never was, and never will be,
A Trophy Father's Trophy Son.

Okay, so if you may not have grasped, I am the 'son' of the situation. I kind of feel like my family hates me for some reason. Maybe because my brothers and sister listen to Pop music and Rap, whereas I listen to Rock and Screamo, frowned upon. But, I listen to that music because it makes me feel happy, and it is my therapy. It portrays a message for me, hidden and cryptic to others, but not to me.

(NOTE: No, I'm not going to kill myself, never again shall I bow down to the blade.)

So, Review, and if you have the points for it, Rate it. I got the inspiration by A Trophy Father's Trophy Son coming on shuffle and decided to write a heart-felt poem, because I'm a depressed thirteen year old who has no actual social life.. haha.

xoxox Sadie
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