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The news of Shayera's pregnancy had spread relatively quickly through the Justice League.

Shayera fielded the subsequent questions and offered the stock answers. No, she did not know the gender of the baby. Yes, she and John were thrilled. Yes, she would still be a kick ass fighter when she got off maternity leave. She took no pleasure in talking about the baby, figuring she would have the entire kid's life to have people fawn over it and her involvement.

In her mums-the-word approach to the pregnancy, she had thought it implicit that she did not want a baby shower. Mari knew she didn't want one and who besides Mari and perhaps Diana would want to throw her a baby shower? Little did Shayera know, a force of nature more powerful than her rejection of convention was at work.

And its names were Courtney Whitmore and Beatriz da Costa.

"What do you mean she doesn't want a shower?" Beatriz asked with a blank smile, laughing as she looked over at Diana. "What prospective mother doesn't want a baby shower?"

"Trust me, she doesn't want one," Mari repeated.

Diana nodded, "I think we should respect Shayera's wishes."

"But a baby is a joyous thing," Beatriz argued, her green eyes sparkling. "A baby well...babies are like miracles! And a miracle should be celebrated!"

"Shayera is not the celebrating type," Dinah said simply. "I've known her long enough to know that she'll hate us for doing this."

"I've seen you guys celebrate on several occasions after missions," Courtney argued. "Trust me, Fire and I are going to make it awesome and celebratory. She will not regret having a shower."

Beatriz lips dipped into a frown. "And besides, I already bought a toy and I didn't get a gift receipt."

"It's best not to cross Shayera," Diana warned the two.

Neither Courtney nor Beatriz looked convinced and Dinah reminded them, "Consider the pregnancy hormones."

Courtney shook her blonde head and announced, "This is ridiculous. We are throwing her a party. We can have it right here in the Watchtower, in the lounge! It won't be a big to-do, only us five. It'll be perfect. Don't you guys worry about the shower. Me and Fire totally have it all under control."

They stood and walked away, leaving the three remaining women with morose looks on their faces.

"Shayera is going to hate us for this," Mari said, imagining the fit her friend would throw when she found out.

"Either that or try to kill us," Diana offered.

Dinah nodded her head in agreement and breathed out, "Oh this is bad."

"I heard grumbling from some of the League members about your baby shower," John said offhandedly to Shayera, bringing her a plate of pasta. They had taken to eating in the Metro Tower for a change of pace instead of the Watchtower and she stretched out her legs, plopping her feet on the chair next to her. With all the things pregnancy robbed Shayera of, the round stomach did lend her a rather convenient resting spot for a plate.

She took the plate of pasta from him and propped it on her stomach as she said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"You're not planning one, are you?"

"Are you kidding?" She asked, snorting. "I'm not the baby shower type."

"Didn't think so," He said, sitting across from her.

"It was probably for someone else. I can't be the only pregnant person in the world."

"They said your name, though."

"Probably just in passing," She shoved a forkful of pasta into her mouth and rolled her eyes. "I'm not too worried. Diana and Mari know better than to spring one on me and who else would throw me one?" She put another forkful in her mouth and mumbled, "The baby shower is not for me."

"The monitor shifts sucked today," Shayera complained as she placed her knuckles against her back, attempting to crack it to get rid of the constant backache but to no avail. "Nothing even remotely interesting happened for two hours straight. Not even a bank robbery!"

"What can I say? Today's been kinda slow," Mari stated.

"Hey, you wanna grab some lunch?" Shayera asked, feeling her stomach twist with the beginning pangs of hunger. "Boredom makes me hungry."

"Want to stop in the lounge first?" Mari asked innocently.

Shayera nodded, figuring she could hold out for a bit before lunch. "Sure, why not?"

They headed towards the lounge and Shayera noticed Mari was walking funny, her arms pressed to her sides as if she were uncomfortable. "What's wrong with you?"

"What?" She asked innocently innocently. "Nothing, nothing's wrong with me."

"You're walking strange."

"No I'm not."

"And you're doing that weird thing where you don't look at me when you talk. Mari what's-"

They stopped in front of the lounge and Mari turned to her friend suddenly, placing her hands on Shayera's shoulders. "Keep in mind Diana, Dinah, and I had nothing to do with this."

"What are you..." Shayera trailed off when she remembered her and John's previous conversation from the other day. Her eyes widened and she murmured, "Oh no, please tell me there is not a baby shower in there."

"At least look surprised," Mari ordered, as the door opened to reveal Courtney smiling brilliantly at the center of the group of: herself, Diana, Beatriz, and Dinah.

Upon seeing Shayera, Courtney and Beatriz trilled, "Surprise!"

"You five are dead," Shayera breathed out to Mari.

"Nothing to do with this," She mumbled through a tight grin, grasping the Thanagarian's arm as she pulled her in.

Shayera noticed as both Diana and Dinah mouthed "we're sorry" to her.

"Are you surprised?" Courtney pressed cheerfully, placing an unwanted hand on Shayera's arm.

"Nearly to death," Shayera sarcastically replied.

"I know you didn't want anything. Vixen, Black Canary, and Wonder Woman made that clear but who doesn't want a baby shower?" Courtney rhetorically asked.

To herself Shayera thought, me.

Ignoring Shayera's unsmiling countenance Beatriz butted in with, "You must have wanted a baby shower so Courtney and I threw this together! Don't worry it was super simple. Just a few calls to get this place closed off for the next hour or two, a dash of confetti, and wham! Baby shower done!"

Courtney clapped her hands together while Shayera mumbled, "It's at times like this where I wish I could still drink."

Three hours later Shayera and Mari sat in the lounge, curled over the table as they ate the last of the baby shower cake. Shayera shoveled a forkful into her mouth and mumbled, "You know, that shower wasn't a half bad idea after all. This cake," She gestured to the decimated slice as she swallowed, "This cake Courtney made is actually pretty good."

"So you admit it, you actually enjoyed the shower," Mari said, pointing her empty fork accusingly at her friend. "You wanted to be a hater but in the end you were a believer."

"I was not a believer," Shayera argued. "I will only admit that it ended up not being a terrible time but I would have been just fine without one."

"But you wouldn't have this cake if it weren't for the baby shower," She pointed out.

Shayera lifted an eyebrow as she said, "Oh if we're speaking purely of cake then I am totally for the shower, 100%. It satisfied my sugar craving for the day."

The door opened and Wally sped in and took one look at the cake before going straight to the fridge. He pulled open the small door and groaned loudly when he found the fridge empty. He spun around and said, "Were those the last two pieces?"

"You bet," Shayera said, as they got up to throw the plates away.

Wally pouted and stalked out of the room, the door hissing as it closed behind him. Shayera and Mari exchanged valiant grins.

Shayera moved forward and hugged her friend, catching Mari by surprise. She laughed lightly and said, "I thought you didn't hug."

"Shut up, it's the hormones," Shayera mumbled as she released her.

"You know, if I didn't know any better I would say that you completely enjoyed all this."

Shayera offered a fraction of a smile and retorted, "If I didn't know any better, I would say that I did too."
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