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Taking it Slow

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A/N: Set shortly after Wild Cards.

"Let's take it slow," Shayera said, as she rested a hand on his shoulder.

They were both seated on his couch. She'd just polished off her fifth cup of coffee. It was a decaffeinated blend John had forced on her after he noticed her addiction to the caffeinated drink. She'd decided to appease him by substituting quality for quantity but to no avail. He'd observed her stifling several yawns. Her hand would go up to gently pinch the bridge of her nose. Her head bowed down a little to hide the tension in her jaw as she tried to keep the yawn from escaping her lips. He caught her each and every time.

"Slow?" he replied. "It took this long for us to confess how we felt about each other. How much slower can we get Shayera?"

She sighed. "I know but I don't think we should exactly be traveling at warp speed when it comes to this. Just a little...discretion maybe."

"Like if it were our little secret?" He asked

She nodded, "Exactly."

It was John's turn to sigh, "Alright but you have to promise me something."


"When we let them know, will you let me openly show how I feel about you?"

Shayera gave him a puzzled look as she tilted her head to the side slightly, "Like how?"

"Like how normal couples do on Earth. Letting me kiss you in public, just hold you for no reason, stuff like that."

"Public displays of affection?" She chuckled. "Sounds pretty intriguing to me. Ok Lantern, feel free to stake your claim when we let them know."


"Of course but for now we-" She was cutoff.

"We take it slow." The disappointment was palpable in his voice.

"No need to sound like I've sentenced you to the...what do you call it, the brig?"

"You might as well have. It's not going to be easy for me to act normal around you now that we've transcended friendship."

"You'll manage. If you play the part well enough, I just might have something for you at the end of each day." Her eyes were sultry and her smile had a devilish edge.

"Really, now?" he said, returning her grin. She tried to keep her expression seductive but it was difficult. A yawn soon contorted her face and he struggled not to laugh at her.

"Stupid decaf you made me drink," She said, her voice heavy with a desire to rest. "I am going back to caffeinated tomorrow."

"So," He started. "I guess you'll be going back to Midway City then?"

"Eager to get me out of here?"

"Not at all but since we're taking it slow, it wouldn't exactly be advisable to have you spend the night at my place so soon. The others might assume things."

That devilish smile returned to her face. "Let them assume away. It'll make it easier to confess to them when the time is right."

John watched her as she stretched, "Shayera?"

"Good night John. Consider this your punishment for serving me decaf." She leaned into him and whispered huskily into his ear. "Now if you hadn't given me decaf..."

She didn't finish the statement. She left a kiss on his cheek as she rose from the couch. Before he knew it, she was in his bedroom and had locked the door. Damn it, they weren't even a serious couple yet and she was already forcing him to sleep on the couch. So much for taking it slow...
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