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What He Deserves

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“Being a father, I want to be, so badly. But I don't want to run their life like my parents almost fucked up mine. I don't want my kid to hate me, I don't want to fail them.”

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“Stupid mother fucker...bringing this shit up again.”

Angry red hair flew past Steven Adler, who was playing with his drums, the front door slamming shut behind the singer. Axl threw his leather jacket on the coffee table on the way, kicking off his cowboy boots before he stomped up the stairs. Steven shrugged his shoulders, tapping his foot as be started re-playing the beat he was playing before he was rudely interrupted. but the front door opened again. It was Slash, who was trying to hid behind his hair but Steven could see the blood-shit eyes and the red nose, tears still streaming down his face.

Steven, who had been pissed off because he had been interrupted again, felt sorry for the guitarist, even though he didn't know the situation. He just gave Slash a sympathy smile before banging on his drums again, eyes following the brunette up the stairs, shoulders hunched.


Slash tapped on the bedroom door, waiting for an answer but never got one. He tapped again, waiting a few minutes before he gave up and turned the door handle, inviting himself in. Axl was curled up in a ball, his safety one that always made him calm down. He was humming to himself. Slash smiled weakly, stepping closer to the bed, making sure not to cut himself on the glass that Axl had thrown on the door, shattered picture frames.

Slash crawled onto the bed, making sure not to move to fast because even though Axl knew he was there, any sudden moves could ruin the calmness bubble that he was in. Axl didn't like to feel that he was being attacked. He reached out a hand and clasped it on Axl's shoulder, thumb rubbing the skin there, before it moved down to his hand and grasped it in his own.

“I only wanted us to think about it, Axe. You love me, and you know full well how much I love you, so what's so wrong about the idea?”

Axl didn't move or speak but Slash could almost feel the tension in the room fading away. He pressed up behind Axl, his forehead meeting the back of Axl's head, hand tightening on Axl's pale one. He didn't speak, just lay there, the question still hanging in the air. Slash didn't know how long they just lay there, but it must've been a few hours because it was dark outside and he was woken up by Axl shifting in his arms, and Axl snuggled his head in Slash's chest.

“I don't want to fuck it up.”

Slash had to listen closely because Axl's voice was low and he was muffled by Slash's t-shirt.

“Fuck what up?”

Slash tangled his fingers in Axl's hair, running the back of his fingers down his cheek.

“Being a father, I want to be, so badly. But I don't want to run their life like my parents almost fucked up mine. I don't want my kid to hate me, I don't want to fail them.”

Slash bit his lip, not letting the fresh tears break loose. He thought they were ready for a child, he wanted to adopt, and he knew that Axl would be a great father. He loved children, his eyes would light up whenever he saw them when they were passing on their tour bus, or when their friends brought their kids around. He would let them tug at his hair, or pull his nose.

Slash cupped Axl's face in his hand, bringing Axl's eyes to his own.

“Yes you will. I see you with them, you are great and you know you are. Axl, you deserve to be happy, to have whatever makes you happy. I feel the want that you have, you want this and so do i. Just imagine how happy we could be, the family you have wanted your whole life. Let me make you happy.”

Slash kissed his lover, hugging him tight to his body.

“Do you want to try, baby?”

Slash's answer was a choked 'yes.'

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