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Time Gone By

by SADIS 6 Reviews

“We were a secret?” Izzy asked. “What was the secret? What was the secret, Will? You never told me.”

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  • Concrete Jungle Gym

    (#) GNR01Fan 2013-05-31 05:47:21 PM

    This is a great story! Update soon :)

    Author's response

    Thank you so much for your encouragement! I will try my best to update quickly.
  • Concrete Jungle Gym

    (#) pomppu 2013-05-31 08:10:42 PM

    Amazing work again! i hope you update soon!:)

    Author's response

    You're so sweet!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I will write more soon :)
  • Concrete Jungle Gym

    (#) shadowvt125 2013-06-10 07:59:37 PM

    Sienna, cobalt, umber… sand colored, vivid primary colors, a sheen of blue…
    There they are – those, beautiful, little shades found on an artist’s palette.
    For some people brown is … brown, or blue is blue….or a smile is a smile and not the TRACE of a smile. Paw-like, glimmer, oh and streaks of window cleaner…. and pristine crisp typeface, set on a pungently white paper, perfectly straight, meticulously stapled to the pole. …I’m luxuriating in your wording.
    Aside from this or beside from this: again the details, the tiny, little brushstrokes: the boys building block structures before knocking them over with their trucks. ( primary colors again), pictures of rainforests and untouched nature. All this wonderfull allgegories.
    The pink scarf, the MM-shirt, cowboys (imaginary and met) nuns and aqua net…history.
    And the ink pen… and the address imprinted on his arm (continuation… D&S… curious by the way… how do intend to keep the boys busy…)
    …brought me down to my knees again…
    There is so much more to mention… I am not able to frame it (Passepartout, .shiny golden, playful baroque frame, rococo or Biedermeier – bit unlikely, or a simple canvas)
    Enjoyed it, loved it, was entertained and moved….
    Favorite lineshard joice:
    Izzy didn’t smell like fresh air and stolen bourbon.
    “I was going for a sort of glam Jungle Jim.”
    That fuck’s dead and gone. I
    “Yeah, they reminded me a lot of that show. I watched you playing…there were kids playing with some toys and shit.”
    Fine. Then you have to call me Izzy Stradlin.”

    “I’ll see you around!!!!”

    Author's response

    You're attention to details and the intended analogies render me speechless every time I read your reviews. :) Don't worry the boys will be kept busy and get busy, lol. Thank you so much for your excitement - it makes me so happy you enjoy it and leave me feedback
  • Concrete Jungle Gym

    (#) shadowvt125 2013-06-11 04:43:06 PM

    Gotcha... more or less
    "A loose thrift store blazer hung over his thin frame. When he shifted his weight Axl saw a flash of a pink scarf, and a black and white Marilyn Monroe t-shirt."

    not proofed ... but would have been amazing... I' a believer... Izzy rolling on the ground...just fitting...

    Author's response

    Lol, I took it when you wrote (continuation… D&S… curious by the way… how do intend to keep the boys busy…) that you meant are they ever going to have sex, hehe. :3 I used those links a lot for the description of Chris and pre-gnr Izzy/Axl. Thanks for posting them - I wish I would have thought of that :3
  • Concrete Jungle Gym

    (#) shadowvt125 2013-06-11 05:08:53 PM

    ... tiger, tiger...
    Animals roamed the canvases in their sheer, raw beauty, untouched by human hands, or society. This was art he could relate to. The world was a jungle.

    Author's response

    You sent me Henri Rousseau pics?! Thank you! :D They mirror Axl and Izzy perfectly don't they? Even just the colors alone.
  • Concrete Jungle Gym

    (#) shadowvt125 2013-06-14 07:37:26 PM

    Tryed to pm you. Was told to pipe down (Sparky) so this way again:
    Dear SADIS!
    Should I honestly be this frank? I’m not truly convinced you know for certain for what you have asked for! “If there is any other event you'd like to see in the story feel free to shoot it my way.” Because it would be like poking into a WASP-nest with a hazel-stick in late August!
    There is more than one scene I’d LOVE to read painted out by you!
    I don’t know how it will fit into your story/time-line – or if it even fits in somewhere/how. Maybe (hopefully) it is just an inspiration for a fare future project… me doesn’t know….
    It’s up to you to get your brushes sorted and your palette ready. There are just some cudley drawn, charocal outlines:
    “a few days later … Axl wanted to bury the hatched and start to play again…”
    “Axl was working at Tower Videos on Sunset… when Izzy introduced us… - even ther was bad blood between them at that time. * Later that night, Axl knocked on our window… and said he wanted to talk…”
    “Izzy was ready to give up … and go back to Indiana …”
    Interchange sexes, personas, timelines as you see it fitting! (ahhh… just like back in school…Three word challenge: Sunset – sneakers- Romeo or … aqua net- beer- concho necklage)

    Author's response

    Dear shadowvt125,
    I don't know why it wouldn't let you pm me. Maybe it's in my settings? Dunno, but sorry about that! I know I can get pms on RF, so if you'd like to pm me there feel free. :) I would love to hear your ideas! I like the challenge of working fitting in people's ideas into my storyline. I may have to alter the timeline a tiny bit (but it is an AU after all), if you don't mind that, please message me whatever you'd like and I'll do my best! :D

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