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You Said Forever

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My love too much. Your love not enough. Formerly Tired Hearts. (Slaxl oneshot) Enjoy. Plz R&R! x

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It always ended like this.

In a violent argument.


But tonight’s different.

A pained grunt fell from his mouth and their hands are suddenly drenched, warm and wet. Two sets of eyes travelled to gaze at the silver protruding from his abdomen. They panicked and wrenched their hand back, bringing the slick metal with them. He yelled and fell to his knees clutching his wound as blood seeped through his strong fingers. A terrified whimper left their lips and they dropped the knife, it clattered to the floor and lay there inconspicuously, doused in red but still shining, glittering in their tears.

He slumped heavily against the wall gasping, choking as rusty red liquid bubbled in his throat; they gazed at him momentarily with wide scared eyes before reaching for the telephone fastened to the wall above him; pausing when they felt a light, wet grasp on their ankle. They look down, meet his eyes and he shakes his head just enough, crooks a finger and they fall to his side. “N…no” he manages, lips and chin painted crimson “Better this way” tears sputtered and they sobbed loudly
“I can’t lose you!” his lips smiled weakly, rubbing a gentle thumb over their cheeks
“You won’t” he whispered, strength waning and letting his hand fall to his side
“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” he forced his hand to push their face up and their eyes away from the blood on his t-shirt to hold his, murmuring
“Kiss me” confusion mars their face before he adds “So you’re all I can feel”

They nod shakily and lean forward, tears still tracking their cheeks, lips touch briefly before they lean back, emotion getting the better of them and he smiles encouragingly with all the energy he can spare and they nod again resuming their position but determination fills their posture now and their kiss is fiery sweet, loving, desperate and holding. He kisses back with all the force he has left, they separate briefly and he whispers “The drawer. Bedroom drawer” hope they can understand before he draws him in for a last lingering kiss managing to stutter “I love you” but he coughs up more blood and his hand falls away from their face, loose and empty, his eyes are half-closed and devoid of any lively light.

Tear flow steady as they struggle to decipher his meaning before recognition dawns and an eerie calm descends over their frame and they stand. Glide upstairs, retrieve their end, return silently to his side, lay him carefully on the black and white tiles, try to ignore the sticky blood that is still flowing softly, position themselves precisely, raise cold greedy unforgiving metal, another glimmering silver to match, press it harshly against their flesh and pull.
Last known words. “I love you too”

Hot summer rain beats against stained-glass windows. Bells ring sombrely. Black is the latest fashion. Fresh marble inscribes both names, dates and the words You’re the only one I have ever loved, that has ever loved me. A rose and a tiger lily lie entwined on a mound of newly re-filled earth. Two voices murmur “Goodbye” one a Seattle thick with tears, the other a barely controlled, deep and soft Indiana. Gravel crunches wetly as twin footsteps leave slowly, reluctantly.

Calm falls over the yard. Final, eternal peace. The flowers remain wrapped calmly together; stems hugging each other as they’re left to bloom then fade in sweet silence.
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