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Chapter One

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“Where exactly are we going Ryan? I thought we were going to lunch,” Brendon challenged Ryan as he was surveying his surroundings.

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Chapter One
Written by midnight_star22

Ryan took a look around his speak easy. He hated to admit it was more than a little dingy but hey, if people wanted alcohol, they shouldn’t care what the place looks like.

“Au contraire Mr. Ross, you see, people actually do care about their drinking environment. If they are not comfortable with the establishment, why keep coming back? That is why I am here. I am going to help you turn this place around.”

He had already forgotten about the whole “I can read your thoughts” ability. It was going to be a smidge difficult keeping his thoughts under control with this beautiful muse around.

“These chairs are absolutely atrocious. Not only are they uncomfortable, they’re ugly. No wonder you hardly have any customers. Alas, one obstacle at a time. I may be a miracle worker, but I can’t transform this place in a matter of hours. I will order new furnishings for you tomorrow. Now it’s time to get this place spic and span. You can start by wiping the counters down,” Brendon tutted as he inspected the room further.

With a slight grumble, Ryan set to work wiping the counters down. “Why was I given a muse?” he pondered aloud.

“My dear, you have quite a talent in the art of jazz. I am here to nurture that talent and let it grow to your absolute full potential. With my help, you will be the best musician in New Orleans” Brendon watched a slight smile cross Ryan’s face.

If his half smile is that captivating, I wonder how dazzled I will be if he actually smiles.
Brendon found himself drawn to Ryan Ross for reasons he wasn’t quite sure of. He quickly cleared his mind of those treacherous thoughts. He was on a mission; a very important mission that can’t be clouded by this slight crush.

An exasperated Ryan huffed “Are you just going to sit there all morning or actually help me get my bar in tip top shape since you are so very unimpressed with it?” he never was that great at cleaning.

With a sigh, Brendon hopped down from his incredibly uncomfortable barstool and grabbed a dishrag. He and Ryan cleaned in harmonious silence for the most part except for the occasional

“You missed a spot”.

Finally, they were finished around noon. “Could I possibly treat you to lunch if it interests you Mr. Urie?” Ryan suddenly became a little shy asking the beautiful muse that one simple question.

“It would be a pleasure, and Ryan? Please, call me Brendon.”

That got Brendon that full smile he was waiting for. It was so worth the wait for it fully dazzled him as he expected.

“Wonderful! I know the perfect spot.” And with that, the duo set off.

Brendon found himself caught up in the hustle and bustle of New Orleans. There were so many things he wanted to try. Instead of staying in the city, they kept walking on through and eventually were on the outskirts of town. They were heading toward the swamp to be more exact.

“Where exactly are we going Ryan? I thought we were going to lunch,” Brendon challenged Ryan as he was surveying his surroundings. He was quite sure he heard a rattlesnake in the bushes singing its deadly song.

“We are. I didn’t say where or how now did I,” Ryan cast a sly grin at Brendon before finishing,

“and now I’m telling you we are going to catch our own lunch.”
Brendon gasped “We’re WHAT?!”

“To be more precise, we are going fishing. Have you never been fishing?” Ryan’s tone was slightly mocking.

“No I haven’t,” Brendon was getting irritated. Who does George Ryan Ross III think he is tricking him like this?!

“We’re not far now Bren. Just hold your horses. Besides, you may actually find that you like it. It’s not that hard, I promise,” Ryan sighed and crossed his arms as they neared his honey hole.
Ryan smirked as they reached it “Here we are! You stay here while I fetch my fishing poles and bait.”

Brendon huffed again and looked around. Louisiana is famous for the monster alligators and he was not particularly interested in seeing one. It felt like he was alone for hours, but it was really only five minutes when Ryan came walking back, whistling with his fishing poles in one hand and the bait box and bucket in another.

“Can you set your own hook Princess?” Ryan teased.

“No. I do not want to touch those nasty, wriggling, dirt-eating, worms,” Brendon made no attempt to hide his disgust as he peered into the bait box.

Ryan sighed heavily before saying “Don’t worry Princess; I’ll set your wittle hook for you. Just watch and learn the master at work ‘cause I’m not going to do this all day for you.”
Ryan reached into the bait box and grabbed a worm, causing poor Brendon to turn a shade of green. He very carefully pierced the worm with the hook and wrapped it around the hook for good measure. After doing the same to his own, he handed Brendon his fishing pole.

“Okay now, do you know how to cast?” Ryan asked.

“Do I know how to what?”

An exasperated Ryan answered “Cast. Just watch me.”

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