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Violence Is My Only Option

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GUESS WHAT'S BAAAACCCK. And completely different.

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The Rebel opens up the tattered book, note pad set aside and pen in hand. She's doing it again. She's reading the last bit of the journal because there has to be something. She knows that is something there. She just needs to check once more. The answer is so close, she can taste it.

“I couldn’t remember anything. I couldn’t remember how I got there. I couldn’t remember why I was there in the first place. I couldn’t even remember what my own name was. The only thing on my mind was the piercing hunger— the piercing hunger that plagued my stomach with each step that I took. The hot sun seared the flesh of my back. My stomach was nagging me. My throat longed for just a tiny drop of liquid.

Another gust of wind knocked against me, and my bones felt as if they were going to collapse. But, no, they couldn’t. I needed to keep going. I remember thinking, “You must find shelter for the sake of your life—for the sake of your cause.”

A stronger gust hit me then, and I simply couldn’t go on anymore. I collapsed onto the hot sand, skin burning, body screaming for any relief at all.

Miraculously, I seemed to find that relief. The sun somehow cooled down, dimming, and the darkness surrounded me.

“Can it be shadow?” I thought to myself.

It passed by faster than I wished for it, and then I heard a loud screeching, almost like nails on a chalkboard. The coolness of shadow hit me again, lingering longer this time. And then there are voices—loud, frantic voices. Inside, I began to panic.

“Good God, poor kid.” One of them said as hands came to grasp at me.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to jerk away. I didn’t want to go back. All I could think was “No. They’re not taking me back. I won’t go back.”

“Stop!” I tried to scream. Only it came out as barely a whimper, not audible to anyone but me.

“Yeah, this is what they do. She’s probably a runaway.” Another voice said, deep and scratchy.

They spoke more about me, but I didn’t bother to listen. I was too fixated on the softness of cushion. I wanted to sleep. I felt the world around me begin to move. I didn’t try to open my eyes to see what was going on. My eyelids were weighed down too much, anyway.

Just as the darkness started to enclose around me, just as I was about to slip into sweet relief, I suddenly remembered who I am. I didn’t remember my name then, but I did remember something more important: ”

The woman scribbles out a bunch of notes that she was idly marking on a sheet beside of the book.

“That cannot be it.” She mutters. “There is more, there has to be more. It ends on a damn cliff hanger for God's sake!”

Knock, knock, knock.

“C’mon, get out of there already. It’s time for lunch.” A voice calls her before she can cause herself another headache, and she slams the journal shut just as her friend opens the van door.

"You still reading that?" Sunshine’s eyes lose a bit of light when they fix onto her friend. "Rainbow, sweetheart, it's been months. Months. . I don't think yo-"

"Shut up." The woman cuts her off with a hiss, rubbing at her face as if it would take all of the stress away. "Just, go eat. I'll be out in a minute."

“I’m just getting a bit worried. If Bunny is out there, she’s not going to leave clues as to where. We don’t even know if that journal is even hers.

“Go, Sunny!” The rebel is at the van door in a flash, pushing her friend out into the light and slamming it in one motion. Sunny sighs and brushes at her shirt, obviously used to her team mate’s actions.

“Okay. Just don’t take too long. I’ll make them save you a cookie or two tonight.” And with that, the younger rebel is gone.

Deep Breaths. Rainbow repeats to herself, scrubbing at her eyes. Just breathe and try again.

She flips open the book and turns to the middle this time, note pad abandoned on the floor of the van.

I'd like to thank the wonderful AJ (atomickilljoy) for helping me write this. The first actual chapter will be up within the next few days. Cheers, lovies.
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