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A Few Tips On Writing An Okay Oneshot/Fic

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Yes, I know I'm a newbie-ish writer and all, and I see stuff like this half the time, but I have a few more other tips and shit so here.

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Now you've clicked on this post, make yourself comfortable and take notes.
Room for questions after the seminar.
Cell phones off thank you.

Let's begin.

Now, I know I'm pretty new at this writing thing and all. Okay, so it's been about six-ish months. But, oh well. I'm gonna give you guys some tips on how to write a good oneshot or fic. Even though there is like a ton of these, I'm doing my own. So, let's begin.


Now, inspiration is the key here. The heart and soul of your fic or oneshot. Now, how I get my inspiration is I listen to some music, and let my mind flow. That's one way. Another way is to get a diary or a non-used notebook, and over a few weeks or so, listen to some music, and write down the most important lines in the song. After you have a good selection, look over the pages, and try and decode what it says. Everything has a deeper meaning. Then, use what you've discovered.

Title and Summary

Now you have some inspiration and a basic idea of what you want your oneshot or fic to be about, you're gonna need a title and a summary. My advice? Try to make the title and summary like the story idea. Like, say you're telling a love story, that basically goes through spirals, you'd want a title and a summary to fit with that. Also, try not to spoil it for anyone, try to make the summary as intresting as possible, and have a bit of mystery, to draw in your potential readers. Readers love mystery, they want to read about it, so add mystery and draw them in.

Catagory, Genres and Warnings

You've made it pretty far into giving basic information about your story. Now, you just need to add a catagory. There is a range of them, from Celebrities to Video Games, even Original. You have to select the catagory to fit with your story. If FicWad doesn't have the catagory you want, suggest it. And, if that doesn't work, then try and find a catagory close to that. I suggest to use the Original catagory for those who can't find their chosen catagory, as that is basically generalised to anything you can think of. Now you've selected the catagory, you're going to need a certain genre, or genres. Like the title and summary section, try to make it have some resemblance to what you're about to write. Genres are the bread and butter to stories. That seems weird, I know, but it is true. Once that's done, you'll need Warnings. They warn the reader of what is about to come. That is the most important factor.

The actual story

Now, you've done all that, you need to write the story. It can be as long or as short as you desire, but you have to remember these things. You need an intresting beginning, to draw the readers in, you need a good middle, with a plot twist, to keep your readers alert to the story, and you need a dramatic ending, to keep them begging for more. Your first ever story is always the dealbreaker. You also need a lot of detail, to make the reader visualise exactly what is happening and what everything looks like. Detail is everything. Third and foremost, you need to have good grammar. This isn't Facebook. Now, the reason for my misuse of grammar, is because my playstation is laggy, so I don't exactly know how to have good grammar, but I check over it, so I'm getting a little better. Anyway, remember those three steps, and your story should be a-okay.

Things a fic really shouldn't have

Over the months, I've looked over some fics, including my own, and I've noticed some things a fic shouldn't have. I'm calling out my own stuff here, to use as an example. First, do not repeat self inserts. I get it, you want to have you living the dream fic life, but after a little while, it gets boring. I'm going to be fixing that for myself. Also, if you are using band members, do not use the same one all the time to be your boyfriend. I get it, you love Gerard Way, but, really, does he really have to be your boyfriend in every thing you write? I know, it's your story, but can't you mix it up a bit? Twist the plot a bit, go for someone else in the fic. I'm starting to fix that too. Also, in the authors notices, don't ever beg for R&R's. You could say 'rate and review' or something along those lines, but don't exaggerate it. Don't say stuff like "oh please, I'd died if I never got a rate or review!" I don't think I've ever done something like that, and I intend not to. And finally, do not repeat the same plot. Now, I know in every fic I had:
-Girl trys to kill herself.
-Girl meets boy in hospital or whatever.
-They fall in love.
-Happily-fucking-ever after.
But, you really shouldn't repeat it. Like I said before, plot twist. I'm going to start fixing that.

So, that's pretty much it. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and I will answer them. And, I'm going to start fixing up my stuff too, to make it better for everyone.

So. Hope this helped a bit.
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