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Prove It

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Doctor D had left Lazer Queen standing outside on her own but she wasn't alone for long. Lazer Queen is quickly joined by leader Party Poison who is finally convinced that Lazer Queen is being hunt...

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Hey guys, another chappie up. I don't know if the American audience has started their summer holiday yet, but I'm enjoying mine. Going into town with my older sis tomorrow to get my belly button pierced. Ouch! It is gonna hurt like bitch. Anyway hope you enjoy the chapter. xx

Chapter 16. Prove It

“Doctor D, I don’t want to keep talking about this.” I heard him walking closer but didn’t hear the voice I was expecting.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m not Doctor D then.” I looked to my side to see a mop of red hair and a small smile plastered on his face.

There was no relief on my face. I’m not an idiot, I knew by the amount of time from Doctor D’s exit to Party’s entrance that he had been listening in. I looked away before asking.

“How much did you hear?”

“Enough to finally believe the Sad Man wants you dead.”

I let out a small laugh before speaking.

“You finally believe me then?” I looked to my side to see him leaning on the pillar across from me, a small smile still gracing his features.

“It’s not that hard to believe... knowing you that is.”

I opened my mouth wide with fake shock, and I heard a laugh escape from Party Poison. I then spoke in a shocked tone.

“You cheeky git!” He laughed again and I found myself getting quite fond of the sound, it suited him. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard Party speak again.

“So... Is it true?” I looked at him, confusion written on my face.


He looked both ways, as if checking for anyone listening in. He then leaned in closer, as if in instinct I did the same. He then asked.

“Is it true... that you can shoot a target the size of a pin prick?”

I laughed at the question and smiled, feeling very proud of myself.

“Yea, it’s true.” He then leaned in again, smiling a cheeky smile before whispering.

“Prove it.” I looked at him with slight disbelief.

“What?!” He still held that smile but spoke louder this time.

“You heard me, prove it.”

I looked away from Party and out into the distance. Out there I saw a small shiny object, from here it was the size of a small stone. From what I could see it was sticking out of the ground and slowly rotating, a camera. I swiftly grabbed my gun from its holster and took aim, pointing my gun towards the small object resting in its place buried beneath the ground. I then slowly aimed, and fired. It didn’t take long for my aim to hit its target as we heard a faint bang and saw metal fragments fly into the air.

Party spoke almost instantly.

“Wow. Nice shot.” I smiled to myself, happy that for once I impressed the poison.

“Showing off again, are we Lazer?!” I knew that voice, really knew it. I quickly turned around and found the face of an old friend.

I hate that my chapter aren't very long, but anyway, hope you enjoyed. The identity of Lazer's friend will be revealed next chapter, obviously. Remember, if you have any advice or ideas just give me a holler.

BTW For those of you who don't know, git is a friendly offence.

I love you guys and I'll see you next time.

S xx
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