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Oneshots! Drabbles! For You!

by SyraStrange 11 Reviews

I know you can help me out. It'll take two seconds too, promise.

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Hello! Since finally getting outta school, I've realized I've got buttloads of time on my hands. So, I thought it only be fair to make good use of the down time.

Here's where you guys come in.

I will write ANYTHING (okay not really, some of things just don't sit well with me, BUT MOSTLY ANYTHING) for you - should you chose to voice your innermost desires. Not in the dirty way or something like that, I mean, I can, but it won't be that good since, y'know, virgin.

I am shrugging.

To be more specific, I'd like some prompts. And the way I see it, this could go about four ways.

1.) You have a word. That's probably the second most basic prompt. You just give a word. This opens up A LOT of ideas, and I think they're awesome. Like words? Fuck yes, they're awesome. When doing these, I'd like the characters too, if that's not too much to ask. But I can make do with what you give me. -u-

So it would look something like:

Cheese, Ryan Ross

That's literally it. All you gotta do. It is that easy. (Oh, and as a side note, kinky shit is acceptable, but you gotta be ready for a kinda meh piece of turd.).

2.) You give me a tone. THIS is the easiest prompt. All you have to do is give a feeling. Yeah, it's kinda a word too, but it doesn't revolve around one idea or object. The climax of the story/drabble intertwines with the prompt, as the mood, if you will.


Comically bitter

Yup. There's a list of those here

3.) You got a piece. Basically you're going to type out something that will be included in the story. Easy peasy.


"It's the way that Gerard looks suspiciously cheery, inhumanly cheery for a bumfuck six AM, seriously what the fuck, that Frank knows this can't be good. So when Gerard plops down on the dining table, leaning in close to stage whisper, like it's a gigantic secret for their make-believe audience, "Hey Frankie, I got a present for you!" Like hell he knows this can't be good."

4.) You have a plot. I like these the best because most of time it's a rambley, nonsensical mess that I think is totally adorable. Gimme a lick of what goes down in the story, I'll give it my go.

Looks like:

So what if Frank is like this punky liar teenager that all the girls loooove cos he's a, y'know, "bad boy" even though he's more of that one chocolate in the box that's actually a chocolate dipped marshmallow, which is actually ANOTHER ploy at picking up chicks, cos the ladies totally eat that shit up. Aaaand let's say he hurts this girl real bad and turn out she's a ~goddess~ (i.e. JAMIA) and she puts a spell on him so he can only tell the truth. So Frank spends his week avoiding his best friend (Gerard, like, the confident vampy teen, not anything like irl Gerard) until he confronts him IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL, and there's noncon cheesy confessions of love and then sloppy makeouts in front everybody YAY :D:D

Oh, do I love those.

Please include any other details you would like to include in your story (like the bandom, because otherwise it's going to be original).

What Works

I do MCR, P!ATD, and FOB. Original is always welcomed. OCs are okay, and I'm give you an outline in a bit. But I'd like some plots other than just romance. Like, I absolutely love crack fics, man. Just for a thought.

Frerard, Peterick(?), and Ryden. Sorry, dudes if those aren't your favorites, but I’m not too soft on Waycest, even though I don’t mind it.

Songfics are totally awesome.

To put it in perspective, I’m not a good writer at most genres (Unless you count cracky notfics, which I don’t) BUT THIS IS WHY I’M DOING THIS.

With the help of your brilliant minds, I can improve! And that’s absolutely amazing, no? It’s all fine and dandy writing a long, chaptered, emotional story by myself, but putting the power of more people to bite sized drabbles is way cooler.

So, don’t think about it too much, and just type in a word in the review, that’s all I’m asking for. And I will be immensely thankful.

Also, thank you!



Here’s the OC outline:

Premise for the story [tell me what’s sorta going to happen]:
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