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Pete's Decision

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Kara wants to join the guys, but, to her annoyance, it's up to Pete.

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"Breakfast for dinner? Kara, you shouldn't have." A curly headed man came down the stairs adjacent to the kitchenette where Kara was flipping pancakes on a Dutch oven. He yawned and sat at the counter. While Kara slipped eggs and bacon onto a plate, he poured himself a glass of orange juice.

"I heard you guys come in, Joe." Kara set the plate down in front of him, and he gave her a grateful smile before digging in. "It sounded like you had a rough night. Kill any Dandies?

Joe shook his head, explaining that they were outmatched in number and skill. In fact, the Dandies weren't part of the fight at all. The hunters had started out on Kissing Peak, ready to ambush some vampires, but it turned out the hunters were the ones getting ambushed. It was the Punk-Rockers. As he explained, Kara noticed his black eye and sighed.

"I know you've heard this before, but it wouldn't be so bad if you guys let me in," Kara said. Joe groaned and gulped down some more orange juice. "I'm serious, Joe! I already make weapons, and I train just as hard as you guys! I'd make a pretty kick-ass addition."

Just then, two more yawns were heard coming down the stairs. The first came from a redhead with dark-framed glasses. He mumbled a greeting and sat at the counter, pulling out a journal filled with slanted writing. The second was a semi-muscular man with tattoos decorating his body. He seemed more congenial.

"I heard you complaining all the way from my room, Kara," He said with a grin as he sat down. "Maybe we should trade places. I wouldn't mind not getting my ass kicked."

Kara set down their plates and growled. "Fuck off, Andy; I wasn't talking to you. Patrick, think about it. I'm the second-best fighter, and I'm pretty fast! At least let me come some nights..."

Patrick shook his head and shoveled some pancakes into his mouth, muttering, "Pete's decision. He already decided that your identity's a threat. If you were seen with us, we'd all screwed."

"Oh, so what? The only thing those vampires don't know about us is the location of the warehouse, and they may even know that by now."

"Doesn't matter," Patrick said tonelessly, "Pete's decision. Speaking of whom, I should--"

The entire warehouse was suddenly filled with vicious screaming and the sound of banging on metal. The group jumped and Patrick excused himself. Joe and Andy followed for backup. Kara threw together animal blood, garlic, and holy water and blended them together haphazardly.

Patrick came back upstairs from the cellar just as she poured the liquid into a glass. Joe and Andy came up as well, holding a dark haired, pale man. The man didn't seem belligerent at all, but instead limply hung in his friends' arms.

"It was another nightmare," Patrick explained, taking the glass from Kara and handing it to the man, who snatched it and began drinking it deeply. Patrick glared at Kara, and she realized she didn't make enough for two glasses. She rolled her eyes as he moved her aside to make another batch.

While the commotion died down, Andy left to train for a bit before the hunters left, and Joe decided to make sure their weapons were in full working condition. That was what got them in trouble last time. Patrick finished making the blend and hurried of to make more notes in his office while the man drank his second glass. Kara leaned against the counter, watching him.

"So, what was the nightmare about? Him again?" She looked at Pete expectantly, and he glared at her over the glass.

"None of your business, Kara," He growled. He set the glass down so forcefully it became cracked. "Besides, at least I only have sleeping problems."

"You don't see me wearing long sleeves, do you?"

"Not anymore, but boy, do I remember those damn interventions!" At this point, the two were at each others noses, Pete baring his fangs.

"I'm not here to argue with you Pete," Kara exhaled angrily. They moved away from one another. "I want to patrol with you guys. I could fight, cause diversions, whatever you want! Obviously I can't tonight, because I have to get used to your sleeping schedule, but--" Pete cut her off.

"No, Kara. These vampires around here are really interested in finding the 'elusive vampire killer'. If they know you live with us, then we're all in deep shit. Besides, you need rest." Pete called for the guys to leave, and Joe and Patrick both came from their respective rooms and grabbed their weaponry. Pete asked Kara to get Andy.

She entered the training room where Andy was beating a punching bag with ferocity. Each blow dented the bag and the metal workings holding it up dwindled precariously. He punched once or twice more before turning to you.

"Hey, how'd it go?" He asked. She shook her head angrily, and he smiled apologetically. "Well, maybe you should vent. Wanna finish this off for me?"

He didn't need to ask her twice. She nodded eagerly and he prepared the chalk for her hands. Instead of waiting, Kara struck the punching bag with brute, violent force. The hit was so tremendous that the bag fell with a thud and a thin cloud of dust. Kara sucked on her bruised knuckle.

"Next time," Andy murmured softly, moving closer and taking her hand, "protect yourself. We don't want you breaking any bones." He was inspecting it when Kara remembered what she was there for.

"Oh yeah, you guys are leaving now," She said, rolling her eyes. Andy grinned and threw on his shirt. He lead her out of the training room and to the other three hunters.

The four guys strapped on their weapons and stretched a bit before running out the door to their signature bat car. Kara waved sadly at the retreating vehicle. She knew she'd be safe: Joe had single-handedly set up a complex security system that barricaded the entire warehouse and made it impenetrable. There were pass codes, scanners, and multiple locks on all doors leading to the outside.

Kara yawned and realized she had work in the morning. Sighing, she trudged up the stairs and into her sparsely decorated room and jumping into bed. The second her head hit the pillow, she fell asleep immediately.
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