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Chapter 1

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Meet the triplets.

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January 21, 2003

Valentina Baskov slumped against the door of the grotesque bathroom in the first gas station she passed by. The five pieces of plastic in her hand that all showed the same thing,a little pink plus sign. She let out an exasperated sigh and pulled herself off the ground. Recently gaining sickness in the morning, she wasn't going to push it aside and set her suspicions straight. She bought the test on her lunch break yesterday at the local pharmacy, the pharmacist recommended five to be sure. Buying five, she hid them in her car and didn't remember about them until just under twenty minutes ago when she woke up feeling the same nausea she has had every morning for the past few days. She got her keys and drove straight to the gas station down the street, by the time she composed herself and stood up she noticed the time and recalled she had to be at her girlfriends house in less than a half an hour.

She looked in the mirror right back into her bright blue eyes that were lined with thick black eyeliner. The eyeliner was smeared down her lightly tanned cheeks. Her bleach blonde hair was knotted and tangled from her not brushing after waking up. She threw it up into a messy ponytail and looked at her clothing attire, a pair of black sweatpants topped with a grey crew-neck. Rolling her eyes at her obvious lack of decent clothes she walked out of the bathroom and climbed into her car. She gripped the steering wheel and placed her head on her hands and let herself go.


Its just the alcohol talking. Luka thought to himself. He stared at his best friend that stood across the table playing beer pong with the rest of he team. He was on a high school football team, the senior quarterback. He was held back for his senior year because of him slacking off, despite how smart he really was. But he put on the stereotypical dumb jock act at school. He already got kicked out from his foster and had save enough money for his own apartment and at his apartment he really does his homework to make up for what little he does at school.

He ducked his head so his black hair moved over to over his hazel eyes. He's dyed his natural blonde hair back in freshman year to fit in with the scene group. He played in their band for a month, but he was bullied so much he got sick of it and toughened up and joined the bullies, the football team.

Luka had blanked out but then notice a pair of shoes in front of him. He glanced up at the person who stood in front of him and it was his best friend. There wasn't anyone in the room, so they must have finished their game.

His friend cleared his throat,"So, you wanna go upstairs?" He asked in a slurred tone. Luka looked at him with wide eyes but nodded.


Don't forget you appointment today. Veronika read the text on her phone. It was from her mother, she still lived at home. She sent back a simple, 'okay' and went on with her college studies. She was studying the corner coffee shop to get away from the house she feels that she'll be stuck in forever.

Her shoulder length brown hair along with her bangs covered her face and she stared down at her book. Her teal eyes became heavy due to her lack of sleep.

"Would you like something to drink?" A perky voice cut through the once silence air. She usually blocked out all the sounds to focused. She looked up at the smiling blonde.

"W-Well, n-no t-thanks." Veronika stuttered out. The waitress cocked her head but nodded eagerly.

Then she said while walking away, "Call me if you do!" With that she skipped away.

So Chapter One, tell me what you think.
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