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To anyone who reads this story

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Just some things, I need your opinion on.

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Ok, so, I've been MIA for a while because I've been dealing with school and I've been in a pretty heavy writer's block. But I'm back! :D

I've been thinking about not updating Helena anymore, or just extremely editing it. The list of the people who auditioned is gone and I just can't keep going with the awkwardness of the last chapter. I know you guys like it and It's really grown on me also, that's why I think a re write might be it's only hope. Tell me what you think.

As for Summertime I will be uploading it today ( it's currently 2:27 am ) I realized I've also let that story go ( another awkwardly stupid last chapter ) but I re read it and I fell in love with it all over again. I was kind of hesitant to continue that one too but I realized it's all I want it to be, funny, downright unrealistic and just plain stupid as fuck.

For the ones who like As Soon As I Get My Gun I will also be unloading it again, I really like the story line but I'm trying to figure some shit out.

Announcement time!!!

I'm working on a story with Kaleidoscope_Eyes and it's fucking awesome if I do say so myself. It will be uploaded this week and we hope you guys like it! It's a My Chem story and I hope you guys check it out.

Thanks for putting up with me and my fucked up uploading schedule, I'm really grateful. Love you guys. :)
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