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Profile Of A Ficwaddian

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I'm going to delete it off of my other account.

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Real name: Yeah, no. You probably already know it. Call me Kitty.

Username(s): xXxchickenwithatacoXx, fatherfuckingmeese, -veronika-

Gender: Boy. You dig?

Just fuckin' with ya.

Country: Originally home of the bananas and opium. Now I'm American.

City: Po-dunk town where we have Drive-Your-Tractor-To-School days.

Religion: Christian. So. . . my boss is a Jewish carpenter.

Relationship status: Dating this adorable, beautiful, and funny girl named Sam. She's perfect for me.

Picture of yourself: I'm not a murderer.

Favorite muscians, bands:
My Chemical Romance
Billy Talent
Mindless Self Indulgence
Panic! At The Disco
Sleeping With Sirens
Pierce The Veil
White Stripes
Black Keys
System Of A Down
Green Day
All Time Low

Favorite Movies:
Life On The Murder Scene
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The Woman In Black
I Am Legend
Dawn Of The Dead
28 Days (+ Months) Later
Dark Shadows
Grave Encounters
House At The End Of The Street
The Princess And The Frog
Beauty And The Beast
Sleepy Hollow
Suicide Club
The Conjuring

Favorite Shows:
Criminal Minds
Ghost Hunters
Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo (DO NOT JUDGE ME ON THIS ONE.)
Duck Dynasty

Favorite Books:
Harry Potter
Maximum Ride
The Golden Compass
Blue Bloods
By The Time You Read This I'll Already Be Dead (Something like that. . .)
This Band Will Save Your Life (MCR un-official biography)

Ryan Johnston
Sam Derlukewich
Gerard Way
Claire Willis
Ray Bradbury

Bandoms you write for: My Chemical Romance.

Pairings you ship: Waycest, Frerard, Kam.

In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written?: I dunno. What's yours?

Your favorite authors on here: unitedsuck007, SamLikesSheep, AmericanHorrorStory, RayTorosArmy, MyPatheticRomance, laurelewis.

Your favorite people on here: Every single one of you. You guys are my best friends.

Your favorite fics on here:
First Of The Gang To Die
Blue And Yellow


I'm gay as fuck.
Sixteen but prefer to act younger 'cos I'm fucking Peter Pan.
Used to be an actress in L.A.
Love being carried or held.
I'm your average kitten. ^^
Roleplaying. Yes.
I'm a history freak.
Jesus. (In this case I'm not cussing. He's my savior, yo.)
Chinchillas are my drug.
Piercings are sexy to me.
I'm only 4'7.
Theatre kid for life.
Gay as fuck. Did I mention that?

To sum things up, I'm your small-town depressed teenager.

xx Kitty
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