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An Awkward Situation

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Collab with Kaleidoscope_Eyes.Pressured by her best friend Brendon,Chloe,rents a room to a certain Gerard Way. What could possibly go wrong?

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A/N: Hey guys! so, this is my collab with Kaleidoscope_Eyes and we're really excited about it. Hope you guys like it. :)

It was 7:00 am when I was rudely woken up by my flamboyant homiesexual Brendon.

“CHLOEEEEE! WAKE UP DAMN IT!” he yelled while jumping on my bed

I rolled over and was greeted by his beautiful face.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like him that way, but the boy’s a looker.

“Bren, what the hell are you doing in my room and why so damn early?”

“Well, since you wanted to go job hunting I decided to start today. I even made you a resume, here” he said confidently while handing me a pink piece of paper.

Resume of Chloe Ross’s awesomeness

-Likes men (as do I)

-Is a good cooker

-Has decent pole dancing skills

-Possibly will blow you for cash

-Likes doggies

-Can sing and play guitar

-Is currently in college

-Has no work experience what so ever

-Is a virgin (lolz)

-Likes epic bands

-You can call her in at any time since she has no social life

-Has an available (and very sexy) gay bff

The sad part is, he was being serious.

“Brendon, what is wrong with you?” I asked while laughing and entering the bathroom to get ready.
“Let’s go job hunting!”

So before we left we made a new resume and Brendon insisted it had to be printed in pink paper to make me look, and I quote ‘like a classy bitch’. After going to numerous offices, restaurants and a strip club (Bren’s request) we headed home satisfied.

“Hey Chloe, hand me the resumes I made to throw in the recycling bin” he called from my bed.
I reached inside my bag and made a shocking discovery.


“WHAT? This is a joke right?” he asked panicked as he read through the paper in my hand


“Gee thanks!” I replied sarcastically

3 hours later

“This is pointless Bren, I knew it wasn’t gonna work! All the calls I’ve gotten are either ‘fuck you’s’ or ‘yes miss I’d like a blowjob’. I can’t believe this!” I said exasperated as I lay on my bed

“Well, ok, maybe I can talk to Pete, see if there’s anything available at Decaydance”

“Why didn’t you suggest that before I made a fool of myself?”

“I just remembered, I’m sorry”
“I’ll call him”

“You do that, and leave my pole dancing skills out of it!” we laughed

“You’re in luck! They’re looking for interns buuuut since Pete likes you he’s offering you the ‘personal assistant’ position.”

“Great! Now I’m gonna get sexually harassed every day!”

“Oh, come on, you can do it, plus it pays more than all those other losers combined.”

“Well, I guess I’ll have to take it” I said with a smile on my face.

A week later

“Hey, Bren, wanna go get some coffee?”

I was currently on break from my torturous nightmare of having to be Pete Wentz’s bitch.

“So, how’s the job going?”

“Pretty good, if you like being groped inappropriately and having to bend down every five minutes when he drops a pen so he can stare at your ass. I mean come on, he’s not that far from the ground!” Bren laughed

“Hey, I was thinking, doesn’t your apartment have two rooms?”

“Yeah, mine, and a spare, why?”

“Well, I was thinking, why don’t you rent the other one? We can put an ad on the newspaper, or tumblr and get you a snazzy roomie and some extra cash. You split the bills 50/50 and he/she/shim gets a roof and a hot meal.”

“I don’t know Bren, sharing an apartment isn’t exactly my cup of tea…”

“Just try”


We finished the add, which I made and Brendon decorated and put it on the newspaper and a few social networking sites, Pete even let me put one up in the office after I promised to wear tighter tank tops to work.

I was currently alone at my place, a pretty serious thunderstorm going on outside while watching a life scarring episode of supernatural. So when the power went out I was pretty freaked out to say the least. I grabbed my ipod off my bed and used it as a light as I made my way to the kitchen and grabbed my emergency flashlights. While making my way back to my room I hear the unmistakable sound of a knock on my door. It’s almost 12 am, who the fuck is outside this late and in a thunderstorm. My mind automatically came up with two options.

1. Its Brendon
[/2. I’m about to be raped, tortured and murdered by a psycho.

Obviously the chances of it being the second one were slim so I decided to open the door.
Bad idea.

I could see the person clearly thanks to the street light positioned in front of the building.

“Un, hi” the stranger said

“Please tell me you don’t want to make me into a sweater.” I said scared for my life

“Um, no, I uh, damn, I shouldn’t have come this late, I’m sorry, I’m here about the ad?” he asked questioning if I was the same person who offered my home to a complete stranger. Fuck, why the hell did Brendon put the address in there?

“Oh, yeah, well, come in, I guess.” I opened the door further

“I’m Chloe Ross.” I said extending my hand for him to shake

“I’m Gerard Way” he answered while shaking it

“I know I must be intruding but my brother and I got in an argument and he kicked me out of the car about a block from here so I decided to walk, I was gonna do this tomorrow but since my bags were already packed, I decided to scare the sit outta you now.” He said smirking

In that precise moment the power came back and I have never felt happier in my life.

I could actually see him properly, and damn.

He had long black hair a pointy nose and gorgeous hazel eyes.

“Look, let’s discuss this tomorrow, I’m tired and scared out of my mind, you’re soaking wet because you apparently had to walk a block in a fucking thunderstorm, bathroom is to your left and your room is next door, goodnight. Oh! And if a guy wants to come in at morning and he’s checking you out and making comments about your ass, he’s my best friend so let him in, just don’t say anything remotely sexual around him because he will spend the rest of his life trying to do you.”

“I-uh, thanks” he said while flashing me a nervous smile.

What have I done?
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